The Farm Business Advisor Accreditation Scheme for Scotland, also called FBAASS, works to deliver top advice for your farm business.

It works with the Scottish Government’s Whole Farm Review Scheme to improve Scotland’s farming businesses, ultimately making you more profitable.

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You can see the presentations made at our FBAASS advisers conference earlier in 2015 here: Duncan Waldman of the Scottish Government; Gillian McKnight of SAC Consulting; Sandy Hay of the Bank of Scotland; Jeremy Moody of CAAV on Tenancies and CAP; Robin Waddell of the Forestry Commission Scotland and Peter Beattie of Momentum Consulting

About the Whole Farm Review Scheme

FBAASS accredited farm business advisors are here to help you:

  • Review your business
  • Develop a whole farm business plan
  • Work towards a successful and profitable future for your business

Find an Advisor to Help Your Business

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Finding an accredited adviser is easy.  Simply search for an advisor based on the following:

  • Surname
  • Company name
  • Area of technical expertise
  • Area which the are available to work in

Remember all FBAASS advisors undertake rigorous assessments so you can be sure that any advice you get will be of the highest standard.

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Becoming an Advisor

Who Can Become An Advisor

Accreditation is open to anyone who meets the criteria, including technical, business management and consultancy skills.

Only those advisers who are accredited can deliver whole farm business advice under the Whole Farm Review Scheme.

Why Become An Advisor

  • Have access to new Whole Farm Review Scheme work opportunities
  • Have access to CPD events and receive regular news e-bulletins from us providing updates on key developments
  • As an accredited adviser, clients will be signposted to you, so they seek out your skills and services.

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