Modern Apprenticeships

Research suggests that people who have done a Modern Apprenticeship can earn considerably more over their working lives than those who haven’t.

They are normally full-time positions for people aged 16 and over and are really a great way to start your career.

As a Modern Apprentice, like any other employee, you will get a wage and be part of the workforce. The difference is that you will also be learning from the skills and experience of people around you, whilst working towards a nationally recognised qualification.

You will complete a Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) with support from a training provider (normally a college). This will develop the knowledge and understanding you need to back up your developing technical skills and may involve some study. You will be supported by regular contact with your trainer. An assessor will visit your workplace and see how well you can do specific parts of your job.

If you're thinking about doing a Modern Apprenticeship, fill in our form here and we can put you in touch with a training provider.