Lantra's E-Learning Platform is a flexible, convenient and effective method of learning new skills and knowledge.

You can learn in the comfort of your own home and progress at your own pace. You can fit your learning around your work and it removes the need for travel costs and printed materials, all of which help save you money and increase workplace productivity!

Plus, when you've completed the course online, you’ll instantly receive your certificate – so no more waiting for it to arrive!

We currently have a number of courses, with more in development:

This course is designed to introduce and familiarise employees and contractors with agricultural vehicles, implements and trailers.

Developed in partnership with Dr Amy Irwin from Aberdeen University, this course focuses on the delivery of essential non-technical skills on farms. 

Over familiarity can often lead to complacency. This course illustrates how, by undertaking a straightforward, online course, your risk can be minimised, and more importantly, your farm can become a safer place to work. 

This course is designed to help people plan and carry out effective controls and standards when handling food. The course it aims to highlight the some of the risks to the public associated with poor control and processes.

This CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticde Use) approved course is ideal for farmers as well as professional pest controllers.

This CRRU approved course is designed for professional pest controllers as well as anyone working in facilities management.

For pest controller or others who handle pesticides as part of small pest control.

Ideal for pest controllers or hotels looking to raise awareness of Bed Bugs and controls required.

Providing Farmers with an introduction to risks and how to manage and control them.

This Litter Picking and Environmental Maintenance e-learning course is designed to help people plan and carry out litter picking and to understand the environments and risks involved with litter picking.

This course is for people looking to learn about and attain a litter picking certificate. This course forms part of the LISS/CSCS requirements for individuals who want to gain a blue skills card for the Land Based Sector and is benchmarked in National Highways Sector Scheme 18. 

Training now available to support the responsible use of Antibiotics on Farms

Tailored e-learning courses have been developed to provide farmers and their vets with tools they need to support the responsible use of antibiotics on farms. 

The range of courses available include:

Responsible Use of Antibiotics on Red Tractor Farms

It is recommended that at least one member of staff responsible for administering medicines has undertaken training in the handling and administration of medicines.

Read the Guidance for Vets.

Responsible Use of Antibiotics on Red Tractor Dairy Farms

When Red Tractor Dairy standards were reviewed in 2017 changes were made to reflect the industry’s commitment to responsible antibiotic use on farms.

Read the Guidance for Farms.

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