Off Road 4x4 Training

4x4s play a crucial role in the farming and land-based sector, and operating them safely is critcal. Our training is ideal for anyone operating a 4x4 vehicle in an off road environment. It also offers the perfect opportunity to update your skills in driving 4x4s and comply with health and safety legislation. Well trained employees are safer for themselves, others, the equipment they are using and the impression give of your business and brand.


Did you know...? Under the Health & Safety at Work Act (2003) and The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), every business requiring an employee to use 4x4 vehicles has a duty to provide adequate training.




We offer two certificate options, depending on your requirements:


Certificate option 1: Principles of Off Road Vehicle Operating - This is designed for users of 4x4s who will only tackle basic off road obstacles and will always avoid more severe threats and weather conditions. Assessment is on a limited range of obstacles with a lower threshold of acceptable threat/risk.  


Certificate option 2: Operating Vehicles in Off Road Adverse Conditions - This is designed for users of 4x4s who may seek to tackle some more severe obstacles and sometimes in poor weather conditions. Assessment is over a range of obstacles, identifying and managing risks in a practical manner making reasonable use of vehicular and driver capabilities as appropriate.  




Whichever certificate option you choose, the following topics will be covered...

  • Health and safety
  • Attributes of vehicles and systems
  • Attributes of obstacles
  • Attributes of operators 
  • Vehicle checks and preparation
  • Basic operating techniques
  • Vehicle recovery, safety briefing
  • Off road to on road checks.


Why Lantra?

  • Our qualifications are regulated, meaning that they are quality assured and achieve national standard through Ofqual
  • They are written by industry specialists from forestry and arboriculture industries
  • We are local, on a national scale - providing you with the national recognition you need but accessible on your doorstep
  • We regularly update our training materials to ensure the highest quality courses are offered
  • We have more than 40 years' skills development experience in the land-based and environmental sector.


Quality training can also improve competence, job satisfaction, motivation and morale. Plus, taking a nationally recognised Lantra Awards training course can also boost your employment prospects and help you succeed in your current role or start a new career.


So why not join the other 80,000 learners who undertake Lantra Awards training every year? Check out our Off Road Vehicle Operating (4x4) course and find your local training provider!