Lantra Awards Level 1 Award in Introduction to Beekeeping 600/2182/2

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Honey bees impact the life of everyone in the UK and make an important contribution to agriculture, biosecurity and the environment. Anyone interested in working with honey bees, whether as a hobby or a career, will benefit from our Level 1 Award in Introduction to Beekeeping - the UK’s very first regulated beekeeping qualification, developed in partnership with the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).
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Our Level 1 Award in Introduction to Beekeeping Qualification is ideal if you're interested in beekeeping, whether for personal or commercial benefit. It allows you to gain a range of skills which could lead onto producing honey for sale, providing pollination services or enhancing the productivity of horticulture and agriculture.


The Level 1 Award in Introduction to Beekeeping is a competency based qualification. It is based on the British Beekeeping Association (BBKA) National Standards which reflect the working practices of beekeepers.

The Qualification aims to introduce learners to beekeeping and provide an opportunity to develop their skills. The Qualification is designed to assess the competence and knowledge of beekeeping across a range of occupational routes. The structure of the Qualification also enables CPD activities to be evidenced and certificated for those learners who may not require the full Award. The Qualification has evolved from industry requirements.

The qualification meets the needs of:

  • Learners by providing a rounded introduction to the craft of beekeeping, the underlying biology, the health of bees, the regulatory framework and production of honey. This will allow the student to participate in beekeeping activity and to know when to seek further advice from more experienced practitioners
  • Employers by equipping employees to carry out simple bee management and be able to identify problems as they arise. The employee will also understand the relationship between bees and plants/crops and thus understand the impact on horticulture, land management and biodiversity.
Product objectives: 

After completing this qualification, you will have gained a range of skills and knowledge including:

  • An outline of the biology, lifecycle and behaviour of the honey bee, including interaction with plants and crops
  • An introduction to the appearance of a healthy hive, the basic indications of serious pests and diseases, and how to manage infestations
  • An introduction to the hygiene of a honey bee colony, techniques to prevent the transmission of disease and the management of equipment
  • Practical beekeeping skills, including the set-up and use of equipment and the interpretation of the colony, and seasonal skills such as winter preparation, spring growth, swarm management and honey production
  • Skills for dealing with the removal of honey from beehives and the extraction and preparation of honey for sale
  • General health and safety advice for the hive, equipment use, how to deal with beestings and skills for record keeping and customer service

This Qualification has been devised with the key aim of progressing learners into industry-specific further learning and training/ development. It provides specialist knowledge and skills to support a range of jobs including Beekeeper, Horticultural Worker and Agricultural Worker.

The Qualification comprises of six mandatory units:

  • Practical Beekeeping
  • Health and Safety Awareness in Beekeeping
  • Pests, Diseases and Hygiene
  • Awareness of Food Safety in the Collection of Honey
  • Understand the Interaction between Honey Bees and Flowering Plants
  • The Natural History of the Honey Bee and the Colony
Product purpose: 

Following Ofqual’s regulatory requirements this qualification is approved for the following purpose:

  • B. Prepare for further learning or training and/or develop knowledge and/or skills in a subject area

Sub Purpose:

  • B2. Develop knowledge and/or skills in a subject area. The Level 1 Award in Introduction to Beekeeping is awarded on achievement of 11 credits with 99 guided learning hours. The recommended learning time for the achievement of a single credit is 10 hours. However, it may take slightly less or slightly more time to achieve the number of credits required. The size of the qualification is based upon national learning time and represents an average rather than a defined number of learning hours. It is important that the training provider approved to deliver the qualification gives the learner the appropriate time and support to enable them to achieve the qualification. A learner may claim certificate for any credit/unit(s) achieved, irrespective of whether the full qualification has been completed.
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Level 1
Assessment type: 
Internal assessment and external verification
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Theory and practical based
Guided Learning Hours: 
99 (Total Qualification Time 114 hours)
Animal Health and Welfare