Lantra Awards Level 2 Award in Animal Transport by Road - Long Journey Attendant

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Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 stipulates the importance of the protection of animals during transport and related operations. The regulation requires that the transporters of live vertebrate animals and assembly centre staff handling the animals in connection with an economic activity are trained in the relevant technical provisions of the Regulation. Therefore training is essential so that you understand these regulations and safety requirements, ensuring that animals are protected correctly.
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Our Level 2 in Animal Transport by Road (Long Journey Attendant) Qualification has primarily been designed for you if you transport cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, equidae, birds or fish on either short (up to and including, eight hours) or long (over eight hours) road journeys.


Our Level 2 in Animal Transport by Road (Long Journey Attendant) Qualification enables you as an attendant to be compliant when using road vehicles for transporting farm animals, birds (poultry) and equidae (horses) as an economic activity. The compliancy falls in line with the Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 that came into effect on 05 January 2007, along with the requirements for competence certificates that came into force on 05 January 2008.

Our Level 2 in Animal Transport by Road (Long Journey Attendant) Qualification has been developed to provide the relevant skills and knowledge that address the training and competence requirements of Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005.

Each Qualification in the suite comprises of two units of which a learner must achieve a minimum of one unit specific to their work environment to successfully obtain a qualification. Both units from a qualification can be achieved providing they are specific to the learner’s work environment.

The units available can be used to create individual learning programmes tailored to the learners’ needs whilst enabling those learners to achieve or work towards achieving a national qualification and improve their opportunities.

Product objectives: 

For transporters the Qualifications cover: fitness for travel; means of transport; use of its facilities; loading; unloading and handling; watering and feeding intervals, journey times and rest periods; space allowances and documentation.

For market and assembly centre staff the Qualifications cover: fitness, handling and separation.

Product purpose: 

Following Ofqual’s regulatory requirements this qualification is approved for the following purpose:

  • D. Confirm occupational competence and/or 'licence to practice'

Sub Purpose:

  • D2. Confirm competence in an occupational role to the standards required
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Level 2
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Internal assessment and external verification
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Theory and practical based
Guided Learning Hours: 
38 (Total Qualification Time 49 hours)
Animal Health and Welfare
Transporting Animals