Lantra Awards Level 3 Award in Performing Microchip Implantation in Animals

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Summary / introduction: 
The Level 3 Award in Performing Microchip Implantation in Animals is a nationally recognised qualification based on National Occupational Standards (NOS) for implanting microchips in animals. The qualification comprises of one mandatory unit and is a regulated qualification.

The Level 3 Award in Performing Microchip Implantation in Animals qualification has been developed in response to legislative changes relating to pet travel and the compulsory microchipping of dogs. Prior to this, there has been no nationally agreed standard for the training of individuals who perform microchip implantation in animals, resulting in different skill levels and practices.

This qualification has been developed with the key aims of promoting animal welfare and setting a minimum standard of competence, and the development has been guided by industry experts representing microchip manufacturers, veterinary organisations, animal health & welfare organisations and English, Welsh, Northern Ireland and Scottish Government Departments.

Individuals may undertake training from a variety of sources, however to achieve the qualification they must be assessed against all of the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria set out in the qualification.

The Assessment includes evaluating the learner’s knowledge of microchip implantation, the equipment used and legislative requirements plus an observation of the learner carrying out implantation of microchips on a minimum of 2 different animals.  The Learner also needs to demonstrate correct animal handling techniques and consider animals’ welfare throughout.  If the learner wishes to commercially implant microchips in dogs, at least one of the species of animals they are assessed on must be a dog.

Product objectives: 

Learners undertaking this Qualification will be able to demonstrate their competence in implanting microchips in animals.  The Qualification aims to assess the learner’s:

•    Knowledge and understanding of current legislation and safety requirements.
•    Knowledge and understanding of the use of microchips in animals
•    Ability to safely handle and restrain animals
•    Ability to select and prepare equipment for microchipping implantation
•    Ability to prepare the animal for microchipping
•    Ability to safely perform microchipping implantation
•    Ability to carry out post-implantation procedures.

Product purpose: 

Following Ofqual’s regulatory requirements this Qualification is identified and approved with the following purposes:

•    C. Prepare for employment
•    C2. Prepare for employment in a specific occupational area.

The Level 3 Award in Performing Microchip Implantation in Animals is awarded on achievement of 2 credits with 13 guided learning hours.

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English qualification level: 
Level 3
Assessment type: 
Internal assessment and external verification
Course / product delivery: 
Theory and practical based
Guided Learning Hours: 
13 (Total Qualification Time 22 hours)
Animal Health and Welfare
Veterinary Activities