Lantra Awards Technical Award in Utility Arboriculture Site Safety Awareness

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Utility Arboriculture Site Safety Awareness ensures that on a practical level the health, safety, welfare and environmental issues on site are examined so to ensure that potential hazards do not occur. As where you are working in arboriculture is ever changing it is important to ensure that each site is assessed and relevant measures are taken to ensure your safety.
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Our assessment and refresher or conversion course is for anyone with experience of Utility Arboriculture Site Safety Awareness, in either the utility arboriculture, forestry, arboriculture, agriculture, horticulture, woodland industries, local authorities, conservation, construction, or land-based industries, and will provide you with the opportunity to practice and update your skills, and gain certification.

The one day course will allow you to develop further your knowledge so that you can continue to operate on site in a safe and confident manner. You will need to provide evidence of your experience for this course. Our refresher course in Utility Arboriculture Site Safety Awareness will provide you with a certificate of attendance once you have completed the day. Please be advised that employers and network operators may require you to be independently assessed through the City & Guilds Land Based Services (NPTC). This is a practical course so you need to be physically fit so that you can carry out the tasks required of the course programme.


Our Utility Arboriculture Site Safety Awareness course, aims to give you the practical knowledge that you need in order to make you aware of the potential hazards that you might be exposed to so to ensure a safer working environment.

Product objectives: 

What will you get from it?

  • Understand the necessity for risk assessment documents and know what they should contain.
  • Be aware of electrical hazards.
  • Demonstrate basic electrical knowledge for working within the Proximity Zones of power lines.
  • Recognise components of electrical networks.
  • Understand conductivity relevant to sapwood, wood smoke, ropes and ladders.
  • Understand the minimum distances to ground of electrical conductors.
  • Appreciate the effect of electrical load and ambient temperature on conductor height.
  • Understand the significance of category A, B, C and D trees.
  • Calculate proximity distances.
  • Deduce Vicinity and Live Zones.
  • Take emergency actions.
  • Understand hazards associated with underground services.
  • Appreciate the need to be authorised to work in Proximity Zones.

Course sessions:

Day 1

  • Sector awareness
  • Risk assessment
  • General site responsibilities and arrangements
  • Identification of electrical plant and apparatus
  • Zone types
  • Ground clearances for overhead lines and associated equipment
  • Site work safety
  • Avoiding danger from overhead electrical lines and underground services
  • Electrical hazards and conductivity

Day 2

  • Safety rules and documents issued by network operators
  • Knowledge and working under safety documents
  • Earthing
  • Tree categories
  • Working methods (tree categories)
  • Emergency actions: live incident
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Training Course
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Training Only
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2 Days
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Working with Trees / Chainsaws
Utility Arboriculture