Lantra Awards Level 2 Award in Safe use of Brushcutters and Trimmers

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Summary / introduction: 
The Lantra Awards Level 2 Award in Safe Use of Brushcutters and Trimmers has been developed in response to the need to have a professionally skilled workforce, and especially so when working with potentially dangerous equipment.   We are aware of all the implications of using untrained staff to operate powered equipment, not least because of health and safety implications as well as the quality of the work carried out.  It is essential all relevant staff are fully qualified to use and maintain the equipment.    The Lantra Awards Trimmer and Brushcutter training course underpins this qualification and competence in the activity is assessed through a practical observation and short answer questioning.
Target audience: 

Safe Use of Brushcutters and Trimmers specification.pdf

The qualification is aimed at anyone aged 16 and over who wishes to use a brushcutter or trimmer in a commercial environment. It is suitable for many roles, including grounds maintenance workers, gardeners, countryside workers and farm workers.


This qualification will appeal to people working in horticulture, environmental conservation, agriculture, sports management, and related industries where it is necessary to use brushcutters and trimmers to maintain grounds.


The qualification will provide a full working knowledge of the equipment to be able to prepare it for use, carry out operations safely and effectively and maintain it in good working order.


The qualification includes:


  • Risk assessment
  • Health and safety legislation
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Safety features of equipment
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Preparation of equipment
  • Operation of equipment
  • Operating techniques
  • Storage of equipment

On completion of the qualification you will receive a certificate of completion for the Level 2 Award in Safe Use of Brushcutters and Trimmers. You can also apply for a skills card.

Product objectives: 

On completion of the qualification you will be able to:


  • Carry out a risk assessment prior to undertaking any work
  • Follow health and safety legislation that underpins trimmer and brushcutter operations
  • Select and use the appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Identify the health and safety features of the equipment
  • Carry out pre-operational checks
  • Carry out routine maintenance of the equipment
  • Prepare to operate the equipment
  • Operate the equipment safely using appropriate techniques
  • Store equipment safely and appropriately after use
Product purpose: 

Following Ofqual’s regulatory requirements this qualification is approved for the following purpose

  • D. Confirm occupational competence and/or 'licence to practice'

Sub Purpose:

  • Confirm competence in an occupational role to the standards required
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Level 2
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Internal assessment and external verification
Course / product delivery: 
Theory and practical based
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Horticulture, Landscape & Sports Turf