Greens Team

Justin Richards


No. of Employees: 

Greens Team Ltd are the leading specialist greens company within the film and television industry. Our primary aim is to innovate and create the best possible landscapes and sets In a professional manor to fulfill the vision and creativity of our clients. 

Greens men are responsible for procuring, placing, and maintaining any vegetation (foliage and other greenery) on film sets. Greens men are specialist advisors who may or may not be employed on films, depending on the production budget and script requirements.They use foliage, trees and greenery either to transform a location to fit script requirements, or to build a landscape in a studio, projects vary enormously. Depending on individual production requirements, Greens may have to outfit a conservatory, landscape the lawns of a period mansion, create alien swamps or medevil forests.Our team must expect to work long and irregular hours in all kinds of weather and terrain.Greens men may oversee a team which includes Lead Greens men, Standby Greens men, and Nurserymen.