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HBS Ring Ltd originated from the amalgamation of three companies each trading in their own right. These consisted of Highland Farmers, which began in 1994, Highland Agricultural Labour Services setup in 1996 and Highland Machinery Ring, which was the first to be setup in 1988. The customer/member base was similar across all three companies, it was therefore believed it would be more beneficial to all members if the full range of services were offered through one business. The three companies amalgamated in April 2001 and HBS Ring Ltd was formed. A decision was taken in 2006 to resurrect HALS to meet the rules and regulations set out by SAOS, whereby a machinery ring acts as an agent only. This means that commodities, training courses and non Member to Member labour are invoiced through HALS Ltd.    

HBS Ring LTD will organise and deliver all your training needs to ensure both you and your staff stay safe and operate within the current legislations.