Utility Arboriculture Training

Keeping the essential power lines, railways, waterways and telecomms networks clear of trees and vegetation lies at the root of utility arboriculture. If you work in the industry, it’s important you have the right skills and knowledge to safely and effectively carry out your work.

To improve industry standards across tree work in the utility industry, Lantra, in partnership with the industry body the Utility Arboriculture Group  (UAG), has developed courses to boost skills, enhance understanding, and most importantly - improve safety. Our courses are designed by industry experts with many years’ experience and knowledge of the sector.




Why do I need training?

The industry has set out under the ENA G55 regulations, that people carrying out arboricultural work around power lines must be adequately trained to do so. These regulations outline how the industry must work in order to maintain a safe environment.

These qualifications have been developed closely with industry leaders in order to fulfill those requirements. 




Why Lantra?

Unlike the alternative qualifications from City & Guilds...

  • Our qualifications are regulated, meaning that they are quality assured and achieve national standard, through Ofqual
  • They are written by industry specialists from the Arb Association Utility Arb Group
  • They are new and fully up-to-date - unlike the City & Guilds alternatives which have not been updated
  • They are fully consistent with the requirements of ENA G55 and are future proofed against coming industry changes.


Quality training can also improve competence, job satisfaction, motivation and morale and provide you with new technologies and working methods in utility arboriculture. Plus, taking a nationally recognised Lantra Awards training course can also boost your employment prospects and help you succeed in your current role or start a new career.


Help your career climb high…

So why not join the other 80,000 learners who undertake Lantra Awards training every year? Check out our range of utility arboriculture courses and find your local training provider!