What's The Right Course For Me?

We know that learning styles and preferences vary. 
We also know that the wide variety of roles in the sector need many different levels of training.

Our high quality training is available in three forms: non-assessed training courses, assessed training courses and qualifications. 

Non-Assessed Training Courses

Non-assessed training courses do not require you to be assessed in any way.  Simply attend the course and learn new skills and knowledge. At the end you will get a certificate to prove your attendance.

​Assessed Training Courses

Assessed training courses require you to attend the course and take an assessment. The assessment could be anything from a classroom-based test to a practical demonstration of what you’ve learned. When you’ve completed your assessment, you’ll be awarded a nationally recognised certificate to prove your attendance and your ability.


Qualifications will generally consist of a number of modules relevant to your chosen subject. Once all modules are completed and assessed, you will receive a nationally recognised qualification.

You will generally be able to work through the chosen modules in your own time, building up your knowledge and experience. You will also have the opportunity to learn on the job so you can progress your skills without leaving your job.

Many of our qualifications are on the Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF). If you are undertaking one of these qualifications you will need  to get a Unique Learner Number (ULN) through your course provider.


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