The equine industry includes anything and everything to do with horses, ponies and donkeys. There are more than 19,000 horse businesses, 41,200 employees and lots of volunteers. Equine businesses include riding schools, livery yards, competition yards, trekking centres, breeders, trainers, welfare charities and freelance services.


Equine Facts

  • Over £4 billion is spent on equestrianism every year
  • 720,000 people own horses in the UK
  • Over half of equine businesses employ less than 5 members of staff
  • It costs as much to buy a horse as it does to keep it for a year
  • The industry is dominated by women - about 70% of total employment
  • In 2008, over 341,700 people participated in equestrianism every week.


Did you know?

  • Racing is the country’s second biggest sports after football. In 2008 £3.4 billion was generated through horse racing.
  • Equestrianism is one of Great Britain’s top five Olympic and Paralympic Sports, and one of the few sports where men and women compete on equal terms.
  • The National Equine Database, launched in 2008, is a database of all horses that anyone can access online.
  • The way everyone in the industry works has changed following new laws on domestic and captive animals – the Animal Welfare Act and the Animal Welfare Act Scotland. It demands the workforce to keep up-to-date with legislation so our welfare standards remain something to be proud of.


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