Farriery is the ancient and highly skilled craft of making and fitting horseshoes. It demands the skills to handle horses and identify health and fitness problems. All farriers must be registered and today there are more than 2,600 in the UK.


Farrier job tasks include:

  • Checking the horse's leg, foot and hoof
  • Cutting away excess hoof growth to make sure the horse is balanced correctly
  • Choosing the most appropriate shoe for the type of horse
  • Fitting and adjusting the shoe.


A farrier must:

  • Know about the anatomy and care of horses
  • Understand the properties of metal and have practical metalworking skills
  • Have the stamina and strength to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • Have a genuine interest in horses, their care and behaviour.


Did you know?

  • Farriery is any work involving fitting horseshoes or preparing an animal’s foot for a horseshoe.
  • It is an ancient craft, dating back to the times of the Roman Empire.
  • Today to become a farrier you must qualify with the Register of Farriers by completing training and experience approved by the Farriers Registration Council. This course is an Advanced Apprenticeship in Farriery and lasts four years. (Link to careers page for detail on training)
  • There are 2,683 registered farriers and 451 apprentices in the UK according to the 2010 the Farriers Registration Council
  • Most farriers are self-employed.
  • Typical clients include private horse owners, racehorse yards, riding stables and competition yards.


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