The UK fencing industry has around 3,150 businesses, employing 27,000 people. Think agricultural, high security, electric, environmental, vehicle restraint systems, residential, automatic gates and access barriers. Most fencing businesses work across two or more of these areas.


Businesses in fencing include:

  • Residential fencing
  • High security fencing
  • Agricultural and stock fencing
  • Automatic gates and access barriers
  • Environmental fencing
  • Vehicle restraint systems
  • Electric fencing.


Fencing Facts

  • The majority of businesses work in residential fencing
  • 92% of the workforce are full time
  • Employment is concentrated in skilled trade and fence installer occupations
  • 83% of the industry is male.


Did you know?

  • To increase standards and improve health and safety, many parts of the fencing industry have to comply with constantly changing legislation
  • Fencing businesses are directly affected by housing development plans and road network expansion
  • 'Right to Roam’ legislation and a desire for healthier lifestyles have resulted in more people accessing the countryside. This means land owners now need to give more thought to their fencing requirements
  • The recession is having an impact on the industry, as customers are facing tighter budgets. Fencing markets related to the construction and housing sector have decreased while security fencing appears more buoyant
  • But there are plenty of opportunities in the fencing industry for young people and career changers
  • Fencing businesses need to respond to climate change by reducing their environmental impacts. This can be achieved through improving sustainability, lowering carbon emissions, managing chemical usage, managing natural resources, protecting surrounding landscapes and scarce water supplies and supporting bio-diversity amongst others.


What We Do For You

We work hard to create opportunities so you can make the most of training. After all, businesses who train their staff are two and a half times more likely to succeed than those who don’t.

By working together, we can help you:

  • Develop the skills to meet the future challenges of fencing
  • Ensure your staff have the right skills to help your business grow
  • Find available funding 
  • Find the training and development you need
  • Understand what the Fencing Industry Skills Scheme (FISS) and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)
  • Keep your workplace safe.


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