Fisheries Management

The fisheries management industry includes everything to do with the care and upkeep of fish and their environments. Angling is one of the UK’s biggest participation sports and the total number of anglers generates an annual expenditure of £3.3 billion and 12,250 full-time jobs.

The fisheries management industry currently includes:

  • Government-funded fisheries research
  • Privately funded research (Fishery Trusts)
  • Commercial trout fisheries
  • District Salmon Boards
  • Fishing guides and ghillies
  • Angling clubs.


The industry employs the full spectrum of roles - from research biologists to manual workers.


Fisheries Management Facts

  • There are approximately 700 businesses in the industry within the UK
  • Of these businesses, 86% employ 5 people or less
  • Around 3,200 people are employed in the industry
  • 37% of the workforce are adults between 36-45 years of age
  • 87% of the full-time workforce are male
  • The industry is undergoing rapid change, resulting in an urgent need for highly skilled staff.


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