Game and Wildlife Management

The game and wildlife industry includes everything to do with the management of upland, lowland, woodland and wetland game and wildlife species, including partridge, grouse, pheasant and deer. The industry supports tourism and recreation and employs 2.8% of the land-based and environmental sector’s total workforce.

Businesses in game and wildlife management include:

  • Sporting estates
  • Game rearing
  • Factoring of estates
  • Shooting agents
  • Suppliers of feed and rearing equipment.


Did you know?

  • There are 15,900 businesses, 31,000 employees and a large number of volunteers working within the game & wildlife industry
  • The largest number of people working in game and wildlife management can be found in Scotland, South East, South West and East of England
  • The largest occupations in game and wildlife management are beaters who are employed on a seasonal and part-time basis or work on a voluntary basis
  • Gamekeepers hold the largest number of permanent jobs in game and wildlife management
  • Our research estimates that for every one employed person in the game and wildlife industry there are ten people working as volunteers.


What We Do For You

We work with you to create opportunities so you can make the most of training. After all, businesses who train their staff are two and a half times more likely to succeed than those who don’t.

By working together, we can:

  • Help give you the skills to meet the future challenges of game and wildlife
  • Make sure your people have the right skills to help business grow
  • Help you find suitable funding
  • Help you find suitable training
  • Help you keep your workplace safe.


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