There are loads of industries covered by Lantra Careers. Whether you dream of being a vet or want to turn your love of tinkering into a career in engineering, we can help you find all the career information you need.

Choose from our list of industries below to find out more about what your career could be.



Find out about what a career in farming is like. You could be growing crops, driving super high-tech tractors, looking after livestock or getting stuck into any number of other jobs.


Animal Care

Find out about the jobs you could do in animal care. You could be a falconry instructor, dog groomer, guide dog trainer, cattery manager, dog handler; the list goes on and on!



If you love to fish, you’ll love a career in aquaculture. Also known as fish-farming, you’ll be keeping the nation’s favourite fish on the dinner table. Find out more about a career in aquaculture here.


Environmental Conservation

If you want to look after our natural environment, a career in environmental conservation might be just what you’re looking for. From protecting our walkways to rebuilding dry stone walls and everything in between.



If you’re a horse-lover, you will love a career working in equine. You could be doing anything from running your own treks to grooming or even racing these majestic creatures.



If you don’t know what farriery means, you’re not alone! A farrier is someone who re-shoes horses. Now that you know what it means, does it sound like the career for you?



No, not with a long thin sword. We’re talking about constructing all sorts of enclosures and fences. You could be building anything from beautifully ornate fences and entryways to zoo enclosures and motorway fencing. This is an ancient craft that’s often overlooked but if you’re a hard worker with an eye for detail, fencing might be the career for you.


Fisheries Management

If you love the beautiful, natural waterways all over the country this may be the industry for you. Fisheries management is all about preserving natural freshwater wildlife and keeping our natural landscape as beautiful as ever.



Perfect for those with a creative eye and ingrained curiosity about plants and flowers. Create spectacular displays, gorgeous bouquets and more with a career in the floristry industry.


Game and Wildlife Management

If you love the breathtaking wildlife resident in the UK, you’ll love managing their environment so they can roam free for years to come. Combined with game management and shoot instruction, this could be your perfect career.


Horticulture, Landscaping and Sports Turf

If you have a passion for plants, gardens or stunning design, you might love a career in horticulture, landscaping and sports turf. On the other hand, if you’re a total sports nut, you could spend your days looking after the hallowed ground at your favourite football club or trimming the green at some of the best golf clubs in the country.


Land-based Engineering

If you are interested in working with machinery then you may be interested in a career in land-based engineering. Some of the machinery and equipment worked with can be anything from half a horsepower to over 1000hp, so this is a great industry to become involved in if you are looking for a fast paced career. As you can imagine, technology is moving fast so regular training is needed to stay up-to-date with the latest systems.


Production Horticulture

Production horticulture is a great industry for those who love to grow. You could be growing anything from strawberries and salads to trees and plants. This is a great industry to get in to.


Trees and Timber

The trees and timber industry looks after our trees and woodlands. Whether you want to be swinging from the treetops, felling trees with precision with your chainsaw or diagnosing common arboriculture diseases, there is a lot of choice in this industry.


Veterinary Activities

If you love animals, you might just love a career taking care of them through veterinary activities. Vets and veterinary nurses look after sick animals every day.