Land-Based Engineering

The land-based engineering industry is worth £4 billion a year. It has 3,350 businesses and 22,850 employees. Think dealerships, manufacturers, ground care, forestry and garden machinery dealers and manufacturers.


Businesses in land-based engineering work with:

  • Agricultural machinery (including tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers)
  • Groundcare machinery (including garden, sports turf and local grounds maintenance machinery also known as ‘outdoor power equipment)
  • Forestry machinery (including chainsaws and chippers)
  • Fixed machinery (including grain/crop processing and milking equipment)
  • Construction machinery (including lift trucks and mini diggers).


Land-based Engineering Facts

  • 80% of businesses employ less than 10 people
  • The average age of the workforce is over 40
  • 80% of the workforce are full-time
  • Women account for less that 1% of the workforce.


Did you know?

  • The fastest car in the world is powered by a JCB engine
  • The machinery and equipment worked with can be anything from half a horsepower to over 1000hp
  • The level of technology used in the industry (e.g. GPS and telemetry) is very similar to that used in Formula One
  • Competing manufacturers are so keen to establish a stable workforce that they are working together to improve the situation
  • Technology is moving fast so regular training is needed to stay in tune with the latest systems.


What We Do For You

We work hard to create opportunities so you can make the most of training. After all, businesses who train their staff are two and a half times more likely to succeed than those who don’t.

By working together, we can:

  • Give you the skills to meet the future challenges
  • Make sure your staff have the right skills to help business grow
  • Help you find funding
  • Help you find suitable training
  • Help keep your workplace safe.


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