Assistant Manager – Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore is an Assistant Manager with Dawnfresh and winner of Lantra Scotland’s 2015 Aquaculture Learner of the Year Award.

“I went to college to study animal care, as the relative freedom of outdoor work appeals to me and you can see the results of your work in front of you as the animals grow. Just as I was finishing my qualification, I saw an advert for staff in a trout farm near my home. I applied, got the job, and loved it right from the start!” he says. 
When Andrew moved to Scotland to work on a loch site, he knew he wanted to get involved with aquaculture. “I love the fact no two days are the same and there are so many variables in the things you deal with, like husbandry, health and welfare management, business management and compliance. Plus the scale and variety of work are beyond anything I’d experienced elsewhere”

Modern Apprenticeships allow the apprentice to work alongside experienced staff and gain job-specific skills whilst earning a wage. Andrew is keen to extoll the virtues of a Modern Apprenticeship to anyone considering a career in aquaculture: “Not only has it made me better at my job, it’s given me great self-confidence and put me in a better position to take on more demanding managerial roles in the company. One of the best things about aquaculture is that you never stop learning. The aquaculture SVQ and Modern Apprenticeship provide a great way to learn about the industry while giving you valuable work experience at the start of your career.” 

Andrew has amassed a wealth of technical skills and knowledge, combined with a focus on self-awareness and learning how to work as part of a team: “I have a rewarding and enjoyable job and have thoroughly enjoyed my career so far. I’m also looking forward to developing my skills and experience further in a growing company where there are lots of opportunities for people who want to progress.”

Aquaculture has many opportunities for new entrants and Andrew’s passion for the industry is clear to see: “I’d recommend that anyone with an interest in aquaculture should look at joining our industry as there’s an-ever increasing demand for farmed fish and you’ll have some great opportunities to build a successful career.”

Career Profile: 
Assistant Fish Farm Site Manager