Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the My Profile FAQs page where you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions. We hope you find these FAQs useful and we welcome your comments and questions.

Getting Started

What is My Profile?
My Profile is part of our global portal that enables you to add content such as your business listing, articles, job vacancies and training courses Lantra’s new Business Centre website. You can also benefit from business tools such as our health and safety tool, business performance checklist, social media, PR and e-commerce kits, e-learning platforms, and work experience guidelines.

Who is My Profile designed for?
My Profile is designed for individuals and organisations in the land-based and environmental industries. It’s ideal for businesses, training providers and Lantra Awards training providers as it’s a great way to promote your course(s) and business.

How do I register on My Profile?
In order to register you’ll need to go to and fill out your details. You will also be asked to create a password. Creating an account is free and should only take a couple of minutes!

What’s the difference between a standard and premium account?
A standard account allows you to add a business listing to the Business Centre, add a course to Course Finder, submit and comment on articles and access the health and safety tool.
However, by upgrading to a premium account you’ll be able to benefit from a wide variety of additional features.

I am a Lantra Awards provider, do I still need to register or will my details automatically be imported?
As a Lantra Awards provider you’ll automatically be registered and your business details will be imported from the Lantra Awards website. In addition, any courses you currently run that were advertised on our old Course Finder will be imported to the new Course Finder on the Business Centre website.

You should have received an email advising that your details have been automatically imported into My Profile and you’ll be sent a username and link to set your password*. You’ll then be able to log into my profile and modify your details if you wish: simply go to, login and click on ‘My Listings’.
Check that your business listing and training courses are correct and amend if necessary (See ‘Editing your listing’ under ‘Getting the most from the site’ below for details of how to edit).

*If you haven’t received an email please contact us at

Getting the most from the site

Business listings

How do I add a business listing?
Adding a business listing is simple and straightforward. Firstly, you’ll need to log in with your username and password and select ‘Add a Business’ in the left hand column. Populate as many fields as you can.

Once you’ve added all your details (regardless of whether you’re standard or premium), press the ‘commit’ button. Then click on ‘My Listings’ on the left hand menu. (This is where you can manage and publish your business, course and job listings). For now let’s concentrate on business listings: once you’ve added your business listing, it will appear with an orange circle next to it indicating that it’s in draft

Preview your listing: You can also preview it before you submit it to us by click on the grey 'preview' button

Publish your listing: To publish your listing click the green 'publish' button in the actions box next to the listing . Once published it's status will change to Pending approval

Once you’ve published your listing, the Lantra team will moderate your listing within 1-2 working days and either approve or reject it. Approved listing will be made live and appear in the respective finder (e.g. Business Finder, Job Finder, Course Finder).

NB: If your listing is rejected you will receive an email informing you of the reason(s). Rejected listings will have their status changed back to draft. You will then need to make the necessary changes before clicking on ‘publish.’

Editing your listing: You can come back and amend your listings at any time. Simply click the orange 'edit' button next to the listing in question.
Removing your listing: If you'd like to remove your listing you can do so at any time by clicking on the red 'remove' button.
Please note: Your listings can be previewed and edited as many times as is necessary. However, once you have published it (and its status has changed to Pending Approval) it cannot be modified until it is either approved or rejected by the Lantra team.

Can I add an image to my business listing?
Yes, if you are a premium user. Simply scroll to the bottom of the Add a Business page (accessed by the left hand menu). You will see a Business Images tab where you can upload your image.
You could upload an image of your products, your premises, your logo, an event you've attended, staff, product launches... in fact anything relevant to your organisation.

An image can really help bring your listing alive and attract new customers.

Please only upload the following file types:
•    GIF
•    JPG
•    PNG.

Please ensure the file is no larger than 2MB.

One image is allowed per business listing. Images will need to be approved and made live by the Lantra team. This can take 1-2 working days.

Where will my business listing appear?
Once your business listing has been approved and made live by the Lantra team, it will appear in the Business Finder here:

I am a premium user. Will my business listing be displayed above standard listings in the search results?
Yes. Premium users’ business listings have higher priority than non-premium users, i.e. for a particular search/filter, all the premium businesses are displayed first and have the full width of the search box. (Non premium users’ business listings only use half the width of the search results box).

What happens to my listing if I upgrade from a standard user to a premium user?
If you upgrade to a premium after originally being a standard user, your listing will still be shown in the Business Finder as non-premium.

Therefore, you'll need to edit your listing. You can do this in ‘My Listings’ by changing its status to draft and re-publishing it.
Once you have published it and its live again, you’ll be able to add additional information to your business listing which is only available to premium users (e.g. company logo, website Link, Twitter link and Facebook links). Your listing will also now appear higher up in the search results too.

What happens to my listing if I upgrade to become a Lantra Awards provider?
If you register as Lantra Awards provider you will firstly need to be approved by the Lantra Awards team, who will notify you when you become approved. Once approved you will need to put your existing listing into drafts (which can be done on the ‘My Listings’ page). You will then need to re-publish it in order for it to be approved by us.

You will also then be able to receive the additional benefits of being a Lantra Awards customer with an enhanced listing.

Can I have more than one business listing?
No. You can only have one business listing per company registered. If you have more than 1 company you wish to add then you will need to create separate accounts.



Can anyone add an article?
Yes, as long as you’re a registered user on My Profile you can add an article. Each month we’re putting a new business topic Under the Spotlight. We want to illuminate key issues faced by organisations in the sector and what they really mean to you.

What are the rules and requirements for writing an article?
Ensure your article reflects the monthly theme (which you can view on the Under the Spotlight page under Get Advice).
We welcome articles and comments from anyone working in any of the land-based and environmental industries.

Ensure your title is succinct and attracts the reader's attention. A play on words or pun can help.
The introduction is a short summary of the article and should make the reader keen to learn more and read on.

The main part of the article should consist of a few paragraphs where you can go into more detail. This should substantiate what you’ve said in the introduction.

We ask everyone to remember our simple house rules…
•    Be nice: your behaviour online reflects your behaviour in the real world. Don’t be rude, abusive or intolerant
•    Keep it clean: this is a community site for all members of the community. No bad language.
•    Stay on topic: Please don’t post things that have nothing to do with the monthly topic, e.g. leadership and management, health and safety etc.
•    Respect other people’s opinions: we welcome opinions, but are mindful that everyone has different ones. If you see something here you disagree with, perhaps you could write a short article saying why. Reasoned argument is encouraged; ranting and raving isn’t. Be considerate
•    Remember basic internet etiquette: ALL CAPITALS LOOKS LIKE SHOUTING, so please don’t do it
•    Absolutely no spam is allowed. Spam comments will be deleted.

How do I add and publish an article?
To add an article all you’ll need to do is go to Add an Article on the left hand menu. Now you can type in the title of the article, summary and main body of the article.

Once you have created your article, click Create at the bottom of the page. Next go to My Articles on the left hand menu. You can publish your article here by clicking on the green button with the plus sign inside it (it will appear here alongside any other listings you may have, such as your business listing – see above). This will publish your article automatically - you don't have to wait for us to approve it! You can create and publish as many article as you like.

What if I want to edit my listing in the future?
You have control over your article and you can edit it at any time by going to the ‘My Listings’ page, finding the article in question and clicking on the orange 'edit' button next to it.
After you'd edited your article you can preview it to see how it will appear on the website. Click the grey 'preview' button to do this
You can delete your article any time you like simply by selecting the article and clicking on the red 'remove' button.

Where will my article appear?
Once you’ve written and published your article it will appear on the Get Advice page here: It will be categorised according to its topics (e.g. health and safety, business planning etc.)

Viewing and commenting on articles: Once your article is live it will become publicly visible, as mentioned above. Other people will be able to comment on your article and rate it 0-5 stars. Every third week of the month we’ll publish the highest rated article on our homepage.



Can I advertise my training courses? Is there a cost?
Yes you can publish your courses on our Course Finder tool, and it is free to standard, premium and Lantra Awards customers. Course Finder can be found here:

What is Course Finder and how do I add my courses to it?
Course Finder is a tool within Lantra’s Business Centre where you can list your course(s) for free. Learners can then search for courses in Course Finder, so the more information you add the better! In order to add courses you need to be registered with My Profile. Then you’ll need to click on Add a Course on the left hand menu (NB you must have created a business listing before you can add a course!)

Include as much detail as possible about your course and select the most suitable category and sub category for your course. If you know the cost, please add it to your listing so that learners have as much information as possible. However this field is not mandatory. When you’ve finished click on ‘submit’.

I’m a Lantra Awards training provider. Is there an easy way for me to add my Lantra Awards course(s) to Course Finder?
As a Lantra Awards training provider, your existing courses will automatically be added to Course Finder. However, to add new course(s) simply type in the Lantra Awards course code on the drop down box and click on 'get course info' and the course title, course summary and course description will be automatically populated. NB: You will be unable to edit any of this automatically populated text.

How do I make my course(s) live?
Once you’ve clicked on ‘submit’ you’ll need to go to ‘My Listings’ where you’ll see your listings (such as your business listing and articles and courses). You can publish your course(s) exactly the same way you publish your business listing, by simply clicking on the correctly coloured button to edit/preview/publish etc. (see information under How do I add a business listing? for more details).

Once you have published your course(s) they will need to be approved by the Lantra team. This will take 1-2 working days. Your course(s) will then appear in Course Finder.

Can I remove my course(s) at a later date?
Yes you can remove it any time you like. Go to ‘My Listings’ and simply select the course in question and click on the red 'remove' button.



Can I advertise jobs on the Business Centre?
Yes you can if you have a Premium Account or you’re a Lantra Awards provider.

How do I advertise my vacancy?
After you’ve logged in you’ll firstly need to click on the Add a Job link in the left hand menu in My Profile. Please ensure you add as much detail as you can. The reference/ID section is non-mandatory it's helpful for a quick point of reference for candidates.

Make sure you include the postcode in the location section so that users can quickly and easily look it up. Once you’ve filled all the fields in click ‘submit.’ Next go to ‘My Listings’ where you’ll see your job vacancy along with any other listings you may have (such as your business listing, articles and courses). You can publish your job listings exactly the same way you publish your business listing and training courses - simply by clicking on the correctly coloured button to edit/preview/publish etc. (see information under How do I add a business listing? for more details). Your job listing will then be sent to the Lantra team who will approve it within 1-2 working days.

Can I add any supporting documents to my job listing?
Yes, you can add additional supporting documents, such as a more detailed job description, directions to your premises or candidate requirements. Simply scroll to the bottom of the ‘Add a Job’ page to find the uploader.

The document(s) you upload will be accessible to potential candidates and accompany your job advert, so include as much information as possible.
You must only upload a Word or PDF document, and the size must be no larger than 2MB.
You may add as many documents as you wish.

How long will my job vacancy be on the website for?
You job will remain live for three months unless you specify an earlier closing date at the bottom. If no date is specified the listing will be removed after three months (please note no jobs will remain live for more than a three month period).

How many vacancies can I advertise?
You can advertise as many as you wish.


Managing your My Profile account

My password is not working
If you are unable to login with your password its very likely you have been ‘locked out’. After 3 failed attempts to log on the system will automatically lock your account. In this case you will need to contact us to unlock your account. We advise you click on reset your password after your second failed attempt to avoid the inconvenience of having to wait for your account to be unlocked.

I’ve forgotten my password – how can I reset it?
If you’ve forgotten your password all you need to do is follow this link: and type in the email address you registered with on My Profile. An email containing further instructions as to how to reset your password will be sent to you. We do not hold a record of your password so are unable to change it for you.

I’m logged in but I want to change my password – how can I do this?
You can change your password at any time. Simply go to My Details and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll see Change Your Password. Type in your new password. Please ensure your password is at least six characters in length. We do not hold a record of your password so are unable to change it for you.

How can I get in touch with you if I have a problem or a question that isn’t listed here?
For further advice and information, please email or call us on 02476 696 996. All emails will be replied to within 1-2 working days.