Appeals Process

If there is a dispute, under exceptional circumstances, the matter should be provided in writing to Lantra. Disputes that Lantra cannot resolve will be referred to the FISS/CSCS Committee, whose decision shall be final.

Mandatory documents for appeals:  

•    An up to date copy of your Curriculum Vitae (CV) i.e. a full work history and details of qualifications you may have achieved
•    Testimonial from your current and/or previous employer.  If you are self-employed and do not have a previous employer, please include a testimonial from a person/company that has contracted or sub-contracted work to you
•    Card history
•    A copy of relevant Health & Safety training
•    A copy of your CITB Constructions Skills Health, Safety & Environmental test pass confirmation letter
•    A detailed letter, with supporting evidence where relevant, explaining the circumstances that prevented you from applying for renewal at the time of expiry of your previous card
•    A cheque for £50 plus VAT (current fee at the time of writing) to process the appeal (non-refundable) – see additional notes below.

If your Appeal is upheld you will need to send in your application form with all supporting paperwork and a card application fee of £30 Inc. VAT (current fee at the time of writing).