Instructor & Assessor Approval

Lantra accredits Training Providers to deliver National Highways Sector Schemes training and assessment courses.  At Lantra quality assurance is paramount and we pride ourselves on the excellence of delivery.  Each Provider registered with Lantra works in partnership with improving the standard of temporary traffic management and vehicle restraint systems for the highways industry.

How do I gain approval?

Whether you're looking at becoming an Instructor or Assessor with Lantra there are two tiers of approval.  The first tier looks at foundation level qualifications and experience to help determine the suitability of your application.

Instructor/Assessor application forms are checked against the criteria below.  If the criteria is met the application will proceed to the next stage.  For further information please see the instructor / assessor sections of the NHSS Sector Schemes Training Provider Guidance Document pdf file at the bottom of this page.

First Tier of Approval

Foundation Skills
•    Industry experience
•    Technical qualification and associated licences
•    First Aid Certificate (optional)
•    Instructional Techniques qualification (instructors)
•    Assessor qualification (assessors)
•    Health and Safety (optional)


Second Tier of Approval

•    Meet the technical requirements as set out in the NHSS Sector Schemes Training Provider Guidance Document
•    Be observed by a Lantra EQA as required
The second tier of approval will always be specific to the subject being applied for, please reference the Training Provider Document for more information on gaining approval.

Can I deliver training and assessment once I gain approval?

All Instructors and Assessors must be registered with at least one Lantra approved Training Provider.  Before an Instructor or an Assessor is approved they need to deliver a training course or assessment under observation of a Lantra EQA.  To do this the applicant Instructor/Assessor must be registered to a Training Provider.  Once Registered the Instructor/Assessor comes under the Internal Quality assurance of the Training Provider and is permitted to deliver courses and/or assessments they have been approved for.

What National Highways Sector Schemes can I gain approval for?

Lantra is the awarding body for 5 Sector Schemes all of which are underpinned by Sector Scheme 0 (Part 1 and Part 2).
•    NHSS 10B Foundation, Installer, Non-Proprietary Safety Barrier System (NPSBS) Courses
•    NHSS 10B  Proprietary System Courses
•    NHSS 12A/B - General Operative, LTMO, Foreman, TSCO and IPV
•    NHSS 12C - Operative, Supervisor and IPV
•    NHSS 12D - M1/M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 and M7

For access to the NHSS documents please visit the UKCAS Website.


I want to join Lantra in delivering NHSS training and assessment

Why not contact the NHSS & Highway Maintenance team for more information on how to gain Lantra Approval or download, complete and send us the instructor / assessor form at the end of this page.  (Form 02 – Instructor Assessor Registration).

For further information, send us an email.