Lantra Team

Lantra has three departments involved with the daily running of National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) training and assessment. Meet the team!

Customer Services Team

The Customer Services team receives Learner applications from the Training Provider network on a daily basis.  All applications are verified by the team prior to registration with either a certifcate or skills card produced and dispatched to the Training Provider.  Learners can order replacements from the Customer Services team should they need a replacement or lose a certificate/card.

They are on hand to help with enquiries with helpful advice and guidance.

  • Caroline Young - Quality Services Manager ext 3127
  • Deborah Evans - Customer Service Coordinator ext 3129
  • James Lawson - Customer Service Coordinator ext 3133
  • Alex Turley - Customer Service Coordinator ext 3174

If you are unable to make contact with any of the team try sending an e-mail to the entire team using the Customer Services Team Department's  email  address.

Quality Team

The Quality team facilitates new Training Provider approval, annual Training Provider audits and distance monitoring.  The Quality team work closely with External and Internal Verifiers to ensure the highest standards are maintained throughout the membership year.

  • Karen Turnock-Rogers - Operations Manager ext 3158
  • Dale Mullock - Technical Lead: NHSS & Malpractice Coordinator ext 3128
  • Matthew Ladkin - Provider Coordinator ext 3103
  • Mandip Kalsi - Provider Coordinator ext 3122
  • Alex Turley - Provider Coordinator ext 3174

If you are unable to make make contact with any of the team try sending an e-mail to the entire team using the Quality Team Department's emaiaddress

NHSS & Highways Maintenance Team

The NHSS & Highways Maintenance Team are involved with the National Highways Sector Schemes Committees who implement the industry standard and develop training materials.  Working closely with the committees Lantra is able to amend and update training materials to be issued out to the Training Provider network.  Lantra is proactive with maintaining the highest standards with training materials and additional training/assessment materials, the team are dedicated to ensuring the quality meets the requirements of industry.
The Team also has an Account Manager who visits all Training Providers annually, checking the structure of Training Provider and offering support.
If you have any questions about the National Highways Sector Schemes Committees, training materials or a Training Provider, please contact the team.

  • Stephanie Craig-Smith - Schemes Manager – Highways & Infrastructure ext 3107
  • Andrew Hudson -NHSS Account Manager ext 3166
  • Leona Saunders - NHSS Coordinator ext 3109
  • Lauren Quigley - NHSS Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme Administrator ext 3110
  • Caroline Sweet - NHSS Administrator (incl NHSS Instructor/Assessor approvals) ext 3126
  • Rosa Doughty - NHSS Administrator (incl NHSS Instructor/Assessor approvals) ext 3178

If you are unable to contact any of the team try sending an e-mail to the NHSS & Highways Maintenance Team Department's  email  address