Training Providers Approval

Lantra accredits Training Providers to deliver National Highways Sector Schemes training and assessment courses.  At Lantra quality assurance is pararmount and we pride ourselves on the excellence of delivery.  Each Provider registered with Lantra works in partnership with improving the standard of temporary traffic management and vehicle restraint systems for the highways industry.

Every Training Provider will be accredited for one membership year at a time.  The membership year commences 1st April and concludes on 31st March the following year; you can gain re-approval thereafter.

Benefits of becoming an Approved Training Provider for Lantra:

  • Being able to custom build your NHSS delivery to your own business specifications
  • The ability to run training and assessment for NHSS supporting Sector Schemes 12A/B, 12C, 12D and 10B
  • Attend standisation meetings to keep up to date with the latest industry standards and expectations
  • Regular Train the Trainer events and workshop sessions to improve your knowledge and technical competency
  • Being part of a dynamic network of Training Providers who cover the entire UK training and assessment needs
  • Have access to the Lantra Team for help and support
  • Help improve the industry standards working alongside Lantra and the NHSS Committees
  • Be updated regularly with industry news, legisation changes and other important industry information.


What National Highways Sector Schemes can I offer?

Lantra is the accreditation body for five Sector Schemes all of which are underpinned by Sector Scheme 0 (Part 1 and Part 2).


All Sector Schemes are underpinned by Sector Scheme 0 (Part 1 and Part 2).

Scheme Number

Scheme Title& Link to Sector Scheme Document

Scheme 10B


includes  installation, maintenance and repair of vehicle restraint systems (permanent) incorporating NHSS2B and NHSS5B

Scheme 12A/B

Static Temporary Traffic Management on Motorways and other Dual Carriageways


Scheme 12C

Mobile Lane Closure Traffic Management on Motorways and other Dual Carriageways

Scheme 12D

Temporary Traffic Management on Rural and Urban Roads



YES! I want to join Lantra in delivering NHSS Training and Assessment


How do I become approved as a Training Provider to offer Sector Schemes?

Before you get started, have you read the NHSS Training Provider Guidance Document?  If not please take a moment to read through all the requirements. A pdf version can be found at the end of this page.

To give you an overview of the first steps of gaining approval as a Training Provider with Lantra you will need to have in place the following:

  • Professional Idemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Complaint Policies (see the Training Provider Document for a complete list)
  • Internal Quality Strategy
  • Systems and Processes in place to trace and account for Learner Progression

Once you have the above criteria in place and submitted an application form  to Lantra you will be ready for an External Quality Assurer to complete a centre approval visit.  The External Quality Assurer will visit your centre and make sure you have in place all the required systems to operate and deliver training and assessment.  The application form can be found at the end of the page.

It is important to note Training Providers need to use approved Instructors and/or Assessors to deliver training and assessment.  If you are looking to establish a new Training Provider do you have access to an already approved Instructor/Assessor?

If you are looking to  become approved as an Instructor/Assessor yourself it is best to gain approval first before submitting an Application to become a Training Provider.