Lantra Awards Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Grooms

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Our Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Grooms Qualification will provide you with the opportunity to undergo both formal and informal training within a workplace/equestrian environment in order to develop your groom skills. The Qualification will give you the opportunity to gain credit and achieve a recognised national Qualification that reflects the national standards for the types of roles you perform. Additionally it will support future progression and development within an equine environment.
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Our Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Grooms will provide a basic introductory level Qualification if you are a young learner, and wish to consider an equine environment as a career path, but may not yet be in a position to undertake formal full-time training.

Our Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Grooms Qualification provides progression opportunities for further learning at Level 1 and Level 2 such as the work-related competency based qualifications, NVQ Level 1 in Horse Care, NVQ Level 2 in Horse Care or BHS Stage 2 in Horse Knowledge and Care.


The Qualification has been devised with the aim of progressing learners into further learning and training/development. The units available can be used to create individual learning programmes tailored to the learners needs whilst enabling those learners to achieve or work towards achieving a national qualification and improve their opportunities.

Product objectives: 

Learners undertaking this Qualification will develop their knowledge of a range of equine skills and practices.

The Qualification contains a number of mandatory and optional units which will enable learners to test out their own interests and develop a range of knowledge and skills. They may then choose to specialise in a particular area of interest by undertaking further training and development or use the units as a route to demonstrate on-going development.

To achieve this Qualification, learners must attain in total a minimum of 16 credits from the 6 Mandatory units. Further units can be completed as required from the Optional list.


  • Principles of maintaining health and safety in the workplace
  • Principles of cleaning the stables and yard
  • Assist with cleaning stables and the yard
  • Principles of putting on and taking off tack
  • Assist with putting on and taking off tack
  • Groom and wash horses under direction

Optional Units

  • Principles of riding horses in an enclosed area
  • Ride horses in an enclosed area under supervision
  • Clean and maintain stables
  • Clean and groom horses for appearance
Product purpose: 

Following Ofqual’s regulatory requirements this qualification is approved for the following purpose:

  • B. Prepare for further learning or training and/or develop knowledge and/or skills in a subject area

Sub Purpose:

  • B1. Prepare for further learning or training


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Level 1
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Internal assessment and external verification
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Theory and practical based
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Animal Health and Welfare