Developing Qualifications

If you’re thinking about developing a new qualification, please speak to us. We can help you through the development process and give you the support you need to submit your qualification to Ofqual (the qualification regulators).


Why should you speak to us before developing a qualification?

We have developed a process with our Awarding Organisations in the sector for qualifications offered to learners. We have worked hard to build good working relationships with the Awarding Organisations so that qualifications can be developed to fit the needs of our industries.

By getting in touch with us and arranging a meeting means that all parties can benefit from new qualifications.


How does the support process work?

When you first decide to develop a new qualification, please contact us and arrange a meeting.

Before you come to the meeting, you will need to fill in a qualification rationale form and send it to us which you can access at this link.

During the meeting with us, we will discuss:

  • Purpose of the new qualification
  • Progression opportunities
  • Timescales for development and implementation.

We will continue to talk to you to support you throughout the process until the qualification is ready. After the qualification has been developed, you need to submit it to us for us to provide support. Please remember that the qualification must be submitted by the deadlines agreed in our original meeting.

Once you have submitted your qualification to us, we will review it within 10 working days. Support may be given straight away but sometimes we may ask for changes to be made and ask you to resubmit. Once agreed we will provide you with a letter of support to allow you to submit the qualification to Ofqual.

If any changes are made to the qualification from its original submission, it must be submitted to us to review and support.

Qualification support process and supporting documentation

You can find full details of the qualification support process and supporting documentation below:

  • Qualification support process
  • Appeal process
  • Sector requirements
  • Rationale form

Please follow this link to download the documents.

If you need any more information, please get in touch with our Project Manager for Standards and Qualifications. Please email us or telephone on 02476 696996.

Useful information

Guidance documents on the assessment and evidence requirements for SVQs

This document contains guidance on the assessment and evidence requirements for qualifications (SVQs) based directly on National Occupational Standards. There is one guidance document to cover all National Occupational Standard.

Ofqual is the regulator for qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can find out more information about them from their website.

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

SQA is the regulator for qualifications in Scotland. You can find out more information about them from their website.