Occupational and Functional Maps

Occupational and Functional maps set out the occupations within a sector and the functions involved within each occauption.  Before developing National Occupational Standards a Standard Setting Organisation will work with industry to research the occupations within the sector and analyse the functions involved within each occupation.

Within each occupation there will be generic functions, such as health and safety, supervisory, management, working with others etc, as well as sector specific functions such as shearing sheep, welfare of animals, animal accommadation, pet grooming, producing floral displays etc.  Once we have the list of functions we can then started to write the National Occupational Standards for some of the functions within the sector.  This will involve researching the skills and knowledge involved within each function.

Occupational and Functional can be used to assist organsiations to identify appropriate skills required for their workforce.  The occuaptional and funcational maps are freely available to download for each industry from the following link (coming soon).