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Highways England Passport scheme

The Highways England Passport scheme constitutes an integral part of our continued effort towards raising Health and Safety standards and demonstrating renewed commitment towards reducing risks on the Strategic Road Network.

The scheme conveys Highways England 5 year Health and Safety Plan, action 38 requirements, whereby we resolve to:

‘Develop a Highways England Competency or Passport Scheme which all those working on the network must complete on a regular basis to ensure maintenance of skills.’

It therefore mandates that all road workers involved in the construction on the Strategic Road Network must undertake an industry-wide Highways England Common Induction course which provides key road safety information on the principle hazards and risks, legislation and best practice.

The Highways England Common Induction course went live on 1st October 2017 and we have tasked Lantra to deliver this course to the required standards across the county particularly to our staff, ad hoc visitors, and the supply chain community with headcount of approximately 50,000 who shall require a Passport if their role determines they work or attend the network.

The Highways England Passport scheme is a key safety improvement initiative and our expectation is that all workers on the network complete this course promptly.

Thank you for your continued support.

Regional Health and safety Manager
Operations Directorate
Highways England

Lantra is supporting Highways England by offering the Highways England Common Induction Course through Lantra approved Training Providers.  To view course information and find Lantra approved Training Providers delivering the training on our website please click here.

Highways England Passport Scheme Frequently Asked Questions can be found in a pdf document here.



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