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Assistant Manager – Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore is an Assistant Manager with Dawnfresh and winner of Lantra Scotland’s 2015 Aquaculture Learner of the Year Award.

Standards and Qualifications

To meet your industry’s changing needs and to make sure you have skilled, knowledgeable and qualified workers, we work with organisations to produce flexible sets of qualifications and Apprentices using our National Occupational Standards. We know how important these standards and qualifications are, so we regularly review them to keep them up-to-date.


Lantra is the scheme administrator for the National Highways Sector Scheme, our role as the administrator covers approval of Training Providers, Instructors, Assessors and Verifiers for the training and assessment associated with each Sector Scheme.  Lantra facilitates on behalf of the National Highways Sector Scheme Committeees and certificates training and assessment with either a certificate or a skills registration card.


NHSS & Highways Maintenance News & Information

Working with industry Lantra will help publish news and guidance on the website.  Whenever a change is brought into effect Lantra will notify its network of Training Providers and post links to other websites.  If you have a news story or industry related information and want to be linked to the Lantra Website please contact the NHSS and Highways Team.