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Working with industry Lantra will help publish news and guidance on the website.  Whenever a change is brought into effect Lantra will notify its network of Training Providers and post links to other websites.  If you have a news story or industry related information and want to be linked to the Lantra Website please contact the NHSS and Highways Team.



Training Providers

Approved Training Providers

Lantra approves a network of Training Providers across the UK to deliver National Highways Sector Schemes.  Every Sector Schemes Training Provider will also have access to Lantra’s extensive training portfolio of over 500+ training courses and qualifications.  As a mark of approval every Lantra Training Provider is issued with a Certificate of Approval to show they have been independently verified and quality assured in accordance with the National Highways Sector Schemes standard.


General scheme information

Having the right knowledge and training is vital when you’re working in the fencing industry.

The Fencing Industry Skills Scheme/Construction Skills Certification Scheme (FISS/CSCS) helps you do just that as it offers a structure for skills development and progression through a card scheme, giving assurance to employers that labourers, installers, supervisors and managers within the fencing environment have achieved a recognised qualification.

The scheme is underpinned by National Highway Sector Schemes 2A,  2C and 10B.

Schedule of Suppliers

On behalf of UKAS and the certification bodies Lantra Awards provide a free page on our website for companies to register to the Schedule of Suppliers.

It is now the responsibility of individual companies to enter their own details and maintain this information on a year to year basis.   

Your Standards and Qualifications

To make sure you have skilled, knowledgeable and qualified workers, we work to produce flexible sets of qualifications using our National Occupational Standards

We know how important these standards and qualifications are so we regularly review them to keep them up-to-date, however, with so many types of qualifications to choose from, choosing the right one for you can seem confusing.

About Lantra

As a Sector Skills Council we support skills and training for people and businesses in the land-based  and environmental sector.

We are an independent UK organisation owned and managed by our industries. We work with employers and the UK’s governments to address your skills and productivity needs.

Working in one of our industries? We have information to help you take your career to the next level.

Our Industries

We look after the skills needs of our sector’s industries and professions across the whole of the United Kingdom. There are 16 industries which are grouped around:

  • Land management and production
  • Animal health and welfare 
  • Environmental industries 

With approximately 230,000, mostly small to medium sized, businesses in the land-based  and environmental sector, Lantra are proud to act as the Sector Skills Council for this diverse and progressive sector.

Northern Ireland SSC

The land-based and environmental industry in Northern Ireland has around 30,000 businesses and 60,000 employees. Our team in Northern Ireland works to help you access the training, qualifications, skills and knowledge you need.

Modern Apprenticeships

Modern Apprenticeships provide employees with hands-on experience of learning from their employer and the chance to work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

Find out more about taking on a Modern Apprentice for your agricultural business here.

Our partners

We promote careers and skills within the land-based, aquaculture and environmental conservation sector, so work with a wide range of partners across Scotland, including the following organisations.

Apprenticeships.Scot promotes apprenticeships and vacancies in Scotland.