Training for Arable Farmers

Do you work in arable farming?

A new industry-led accredited training initiative developed by Lantra, Gs Growers, NIAB and East Malling Research offers the perfect training solution to those working in arable farming.

ARTIS offers training across the UK to improve the consistency, quality and accessibility of training for farm businesses in the arable, vegetable, salad crop and fruit sectors.

ARTIS runs practical training courses to suit you and your business - in the classroom, in the field and online – delivered by accredited training providers and industry experts. Watch this video to learn more!

Each course fits into one of five areas of crop production:

  •     Soil and Water (soil and water management, crop irrigation, tillage, drainage and managing compaction)
  •     Crop Protection (weed, pest and disease management and spray applications)
  •     Nutrient Management (macro and micro nutrient management, reducing environmental risk and recognising crop deficiencies)
  •     Farming Systems (new technologies, managing rotations, soil fertility, precision farming, machinery and legislative changes)
  •     Practical Agronomy (achieving optimum output for minimum input and developing agronomy techniques).


Upcoming ARTIS courses


Course entry requirements 

Each course has an entry level requirement as a guide to the content covered:
1.    Awareness of the subject – suitable for graduates, trainees and entrants into the sector
2.    Able to demonstrate practical experience – aimed at established farmers, farm managers and industry professionals looking for information and advice
3.    Accomplished practitioner – an in-depth look at the science and research behind the subject and how it can be translated into practice. Click here for details.

How much does it cost?

A typical day course will cost £200 + VAT.

Further information and the full autumn/winter programme can be found on the ARTIS Course Syllabuses.


What else can ARTIS do for you?

Build your own training programme: We are here to help you keep up to date with the latest technologies and techniques. If you cannot find the right course for you, ARTIS can design and build a customised training programme that suits you and your business. Contact us to discuss possible opportunities.
Accredited trainers: Contact ARTIS (details below) if you're interested in becoming an ARTIS accredited trainer. We are looking for trainers from across all sectors and subjects. Accreditation is subject to review by a trainer assessment panel.

For further information visit the ARTIS website, email or call 01223 342 444.