Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme (NHSS31)

Lantra runs an international certification scheme for bridge inspectors. The scheme is operated on behalf of the UK Bridges Board and the Irish National Roads Authority, and is supported by the Bridge Owners Forum. It is one of the most widely used National Highway Sector Schemes in the UK and has the full support of the Department of Transport (DfT).

To register for the scheme and to access further information please visit the BICS Homepage or contact the scheme manager Emma Baskerville.


Lantra, together with the Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme Committee would like to advise both existing and prospective Candidates that the Committee regularly review the Scheme and look for opportunities to improve and develop the Scheme. Changes to the e-Portfolio are part of this on-going improvement and development process.

Many of you have provided some valuable feedback about the e-Portfolio, specifically regarding the wording, that has been taken on board by the Committee. These changes are on-going.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

The benefits of this new scheme will include:

  • Proof of competence. This scheme will result in clarity of the experience and skills required by bridge inspectors, for Inspectors and Senior Inspectors. This will assist bridge owners with the specification of skills required, both internally and externally
  • Formalisation of knowledge and experience required by inspectors. This will result in effectively trained inspectors and hence improved levels of consistency in undertaking inspections, capturing defects, more informative and accurate inspection reports and interpretation of results
  • The ability to better prioritise limited maintenance budgets as a result of greater consistency in the recommendations from bridge inspections
  • An increase in the profile/standing of bridge inspectors via the introduction of a nationally recognised scheme. The different levels of competence would also provide a structured path for career progression, which would assist in staff retention and long-term capture of vital knowledge
  • Transferrable skills - Increased flexibility for organisations in moving inspection staff around and sharing them with other sector
  • A structured approach to promote continued learning of bridge inspectors. Up to date developments and innovation within the industry can be identified where relevant for use in inspections.

The Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme covers detailed competencies around the inspection of common structure forms and materials, focusing largely on bridge, retaining wall and culvert assets constructed from masonry, steel and concrete; as well as awareness of other less common materials and assets.


For general enquiries, please contact the Lantra Bridge Team.

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