12A Foreman Training

At a Glance

Assessment Type:
Training Only
Delivery Method:
2 days
Recognised by:
Highways England, Transport Scotland, Welsh Assembly and Transport NI on their motorways and high speed dual carriageways road networks
Course Prerequisites:

You must have sat the one day NHSS12A/B Operative course and have started your logbook of assessments. The registration as a Foreman will only become effective provided the logbook of assessments has been completed AND the one day Operative course certificate is still valid.

Candidates that are only doing the NHSS12A foreman course as part of their NHSS12A TSCO requirements need not be registered as a 12A/B operative beforehand.

NHSS 12AB Foreman TMF

The finer details

The course will cover:

  • Quality Assurance and National Highways Sector Schemes
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Methods of Installing works
  • Traffic Management Equipment
  • Traffic Management Vehicles
  • Maintaining works
  • Design and Calculations for Traffic Management Activities
  • Activities of the TMF
  • Dealing with Sub-Contractors
  • Client Liaison and Public Relations
  • Police Liaison and Rolling Blocks
  • Road Traffic Accidents.
Who should attend?
All persons who will be required by their employer to work on motorways and or high-speed dual carriageways as a traffic management foreman, where standard works with temporary road markings may or may not be required and all works with relaxations.
What will be covered?

On completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the typical roles responsibilities of the TMF
  • Be able to plan relaxation lane closures
  • Gain an increased awareness of road works signage
  • Be aware of Chapter 8 requirements for standard works and where relaxations can be applied.

Be aware of industry safe working practices.

Other areas of interest?
The registration as an NHSS 12A Foreman will only become effective provided the logbook of assessments has been completed AND the one-day Operative course certificate is still valid.

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