Arm Mounted Cutting Equipment

At a Glance

Assessment Type:
Practical assessment/demonstration/assignment AND formal questioning – written or verbal
Delivery Method:
Training (with Assessment) Competence with Modules
The expected duration for the course is one day, however please note this may vary according to factors such as level of experience, modules or attachments selected, or the ratio of instructors to learners.
Course Prerequisites:
You'll either be an experienced tractor driver or have attended a tractor driving course.

Operate this tractor attachment confidently and safely with our course for both novice and experienced users.

Overview in brief

Attachments such as the arm-mounted cutter give tractors an unrivalled versatility when it comes to rural work.

Without proper training, incorrect use of cutting equipment can lead to accidents.

Our course will teach you how to operate this useful tool safely and competently.

Novices will be able to develop their skills, while more experienced users can hone their techniques.

The finer details

This is an integrated training and assessment course.

You'll receive a certificate of training upon completion.

Our experienced instructors will ensure you can use both the tractor and the cutting equipment with confidence.

You'll learn the theory behind the equipment and its safe use.

And once you've been taught the pre-operational checks, you'll gain vital practical experience.

Course sessions:

  • General safety when using an arm-mounted cutter
  • The cutter
  • Pre-use checks
  • Roadside working
  • Practical operation of the arm-mounted cutter.

Worth noting: Our course will last at least a day and possibly longer, depending on the level of your experience. You will also need to be either an experienced tractor user or have attended a tractor-driving course.

Who should attend?

Our course is suitable for both new and experienced users of cutting equipment. You'll either be an experienced tractor driver or have attended a tractor driving course.

What will be covered?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Comply with legal requirements with an emphasis on safe practice
  • Select the appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Inspect the work area for Health and Safety and Environmental concerns
  • Identify and understand the controls and components of the equipment
  • Carry out pre-start and daily checks and maintenance as indicated in the manufacturer’s instruction manual
  • Identify the risks associated with the use of flail cutters
  • Safely start, stop and check all mechanisms for the tractor and cutters
  • Operate the machine in a safe and competent manner
  • Drive and operate the hydraulic controls to achieve an accurate cut
  • Understand the stability factors associated with the use of side mounted equipment
  • Put in place any signs or warnings to achieve a safe working environment (if required)
  • Understand the added dangers of operating on the highway and in public areas
  • Carry out after-use checks and maintenance.
Other areas of interest?
  • Tractor Driving and Arm Mounted Cutting Equipment
  • Tractor Driving
  • Combi Tractor Mower.

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