Business Planning And Development

At a Glance

Delivery Method:
The expected duration for the course is 1 day, however please note this may vary according to factors such as level of experience, modules or attachments selected, or the ratio of instructors to learners.

Keep your business on track with our Business Planning and Development course.

Overview in brief

Business management is key to ensure a business stays profitable and continues to provide something of value for its customers.

This course has been developed for you if you're running and managing your own business and therefore need to make the correct strategic and operational decisions.

The result is you'll ensure you're fully aware of your business' position within the marketplace and understand your customers' needs.

The finer details

This is a one-day course will look at activities involved with running your business, such as managing, monitoring, planning and organising.

You'll consider your own business and the issues associated with developing a business plan. This is an interactive course which will give you time to you consider the future of your business and support to complete a template business plan.

When you have completed the course, you'll receive a certificate of training.

Who should attend?

If you are involved in running and managing your own business then our course is for you.

What will be covered?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Establish why you are in business and what business you are in.
  • Review how well your business is currently positioned.
  • Identify your personal and business objectives.
  • Consider how the business is likely to develop in the short and medium term.
  • Review and address the impact of internal and external changes on the business
  • Identify actions that you can take to implement success.
  • Draft your own business plan.
Other areas of interest?
  • Project Management
  • Planning Your Business for the Future.

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