Conservation on the Farm

At a Glance

Delivery Method:
Classroom and practical
The expected duration for the course is one day, however please note this may vary according to factors such as level of experience, modules or attachments selected, or the ratio of instructors to learners.
Recognised by:
Lantra Awards
Course Prerequisites:

Understand how conservation can work and bring benefit to your farm.

Overview in brief

Good conservation benefits us and the environment and is especially important when operating a farm.

Recognise the challenges by looking at the bigger picture and understand how good conservation can benefit you by taking our quality assured course.

The finer details

This is a training only course and you'll receive a certificate at the end.

You'll learn about conservation and habitat, pest control and making plans for conservation on the farm.  Then there will be a practical visit to a farm, so dress for the outdoors. 

Course sessions:

  • What is conservation all about?
  • The reasons for conservation
  • The need for conservation
  • Assessing the important features for conservation
  • Habitat protection, enhancement and creation on the farm
  • Fertiliser application
  • Pest control
  • Conservation and habitat on the farm plans.
Who should attend?

This course is for you if you're a landowner, manager or farm worker and want to manage your farm/s more sustainably, without compromising your incomes or farming standards.

What will be covered?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Define the meaning of conservation
  • Recognise the benefits of conservation for farmers, wildlife, landscape and the general public
  • Identify aspects of farming which may potentially damage or pose a threat to the environment
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for conservation on farms
  • Establish priorities for conservation on farms
  • Recognise the benefits of a conservation on the farm plan
  • Know of sources of finance, further information and advice
  • Identify skills and further training you and others need when working on, or connected with, the farm
  • Prepare and implement a conservation on the farm plan.
Other areas of interest?
  • Organic Farming Award
  • Level 2 Certificate in Land-based Activities
  • Level 5 Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management in Land-based Settings
  • Awareness of Integrated Weed Management
  • Introduction to Installing and Maintaining Green Roofs 
  • Safe Use and Application of Fertiliser and Manure 

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