Equine Back & Postural Strengthening Methods for Saddle Fitting (Top Up)

At a Glance

Assessment Type:
Assessed - Practical and Examination
Delivery Method:
106 hours over 4 months
Course Prerequisites:

Existing equine/equestrian professionals or skilled competition riders with competent horse handling skills.

The remit of this short course is promotion of balanced, fluent movement in the sport horse or pony through efficient posture in instances where the horse shows clear potential for change.

Overview in brief

Learners will apply a range of basic manual/hands on techniques that gently begin to help the horse work towards promoting enhanced range of motion through strong back musculature. Following on, a range of in-hand ground schooling and core strengthening techniques with and without ground poles will be demonstrated to show how these techniques can enhance the sport horse’s dynamic posture to prepare them to more efficiently carry a rider and, in turn, for saddle fitting.

The finer details

This course has been developed by an equine veterinary physiotherapist for equestrian professionals and established competition riders that recognise the importance of addressing the horse, saddle and rider as a combination.

This award compliments the Rider Postural Evaluation & Stabilisation and Saddle & Bridle Fit Checking short courses in terms of following the theme of addressing the horse, saddle and rider as a combination.

Who should attend?

Equine therapists and students, saddle fitters, trainers, coaches, horse dealers, behaviourists and established competition riders.

What will be covered?
  • Basic human and equine musculoskeletal kinetic anatomy.
  • Postural assessment of the sport horse or pony.
  • How to prepare a range of horses and ponies physically for rider load.
  • Application of a range of manual and in-hand techniques to optimise range of motion in relation to basic equitation in the sport horse or pony.
  • Determining when a horse needs an extended break from ridden work.
  • Use of development tack.
  • Producing balanced, fluent movement in the sport horse or pony.
Other areas of interest?
Professional Top Up courses:
  • Saddle & Bridle Fit Checking
  • Rider Evaluation & Stabilisation Methods
  • Saddle Flocking & Adjustment
  • Minor saddlery repairs