Grey Squirrel Management Training

At a Glance

Delivery Method:
Recognised by:
Red Squirrel Conservation and Grey Squirrel Management networks
Course Prerequisites:
Minimum age 18.  Evidence of insurance/licenses for shooters. 

This course is for people involved in grey squirrel management whether for red squirrel conservation or for control to prevent further economic and environmental damage caused by this non-native invasive species.

Overview in brief

Accreditation will be given to participants who show proficiency in all aspects of grey squirrel management including the reasons for and methods of control.

The finer details

This course has been developed by a partnership of major players in the ‘Squirrel World’ across the British Isles, including foresters, government agencies, squirrel organisations from Scotland, N Ireland, Wales and England and, especially, volunteers.  The course is designed to be adapted for the different local laws, landscapes and personnel situations, whether in the presence or absence of red squirrels, in all parts of the UK. 

The certification will be an aid to gaining access permission in many situations where access would not otherwise be allowed. 

The theory session, Part 1, is via a video with opportunity for pauses to discuss local regulations and situations.  This will be followed by a brief written test.  Part 2 involves demonstrations and ‘hands on’ practical experience with assessment throughout. 

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in or need to manage grey squirrels, whether a beginner or experienced controller. 

What will be covered?
  • Red and Grey Squirrel Ecology
  • Reasons for controlling grey squirrels
  • Methods of Control
  • Law
  • Your Squirrel Management within the Big Picture
  • Safety and consideration for all involved
  • Records, Monitoring
  • Test of theory
  • Setting up Feeding Stations, Practical with assessment
  • Setting up Traps, Dispatch, Practical with assessment

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