Groundcare Machinery Maintenance - Hydraulics

At a Glance

Assessment Type:
MCQ Paper AND Practical assessment/demonstration/assignment
Course Prerequisites:

You must have completed the mandatory Groundcare Machinery Maintenance – Health and Safety E-Learning course before starting this course.

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for maintenance of the hydraulic components of your mower  

Overview in brief

This 1-day course is part of a dedicated suite of Groundcare Machinery Maintenance training courses.

Our 1-day Groundcare Machinery Maintenance- Hydraulics course will give you technical information about your mower.

We have experienced instructors who will ensure that you use your machine safely and with confidence.

As well as legislation and health and safety, you’ll cover the theory of hydraulics.

You’ll have hands-on experience of basic hydraulics’ operation and walk away with a certificate of competence to prove it.

You’ll also gain a Lantra ID Skills Card.

The finer details

This integrated training and assessment course will cover the following sessions:

  • Hydraulics safety
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Hydraulic circuits and component identification
  • Preliminary hydraulic maintenance and best practice
  • Common hydraulic faults
  • Hydraulic system testing
Who should attend?

This training course is for you if you work in horticulture, landscaping and turf maintenance.

It’s suitable for you whether you’re a novice or more experienced and simply looking to improve your skills and knowledge.

What will be covered?

At the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the health and safety requirements for hydraulic maintenance
  • Carry out a risk assessment and implement control measures, including emergency procedures
  • Understand hydraulic system functionality and how a hydraulic system works
  • Identify key hydraulic components and understand their function in the system
  • Understand the role of oil function in a hydraulic system
  • Understand the correct adjustment of fittings and hydraulic pipes
  • Understand the importance of keeping a hydraulic system clean
  • Understand how to prepare a machine for carrying out a hydraulic test
  • Understand how to test a hydraulic system for correct pressure
  • Restore a hydraulic system, clear the workshop and check the system
  • Understand the responsibilities when hydraulic testing
  • Operate the equipment in a safe and appropriate manner
Other areas of interest?

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  • Mower Sharpening 

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