Introduction to Green Roofs

At a Glance

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Training Only
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There are no prerequisites

Our dedicated course is the first of its kind, providing a new industry standard for training in installing and maintaining green roofs. 

Overview in brief

Recent years have seen a rise in the use of green roofs.

It’s likely that climate change and sustainable urban drainage issues will mean we’ll see more and more green roofs being retro-fitted onto existing properties in the near future.

That’s where our training comes in.

Its crucial that those installing and maintaining these green roofs are fully trained.

The finer details

This course is a training only course.

In this course, you’ll cover the following sessions:

  • Health and safety/legislation
  • Background/history of green roofs
  • Types of green roofs and applications
  • Site/structural considerations
  • Drainage
  • Tools/equipment
  • Installation processes
  • Maintenance/aftercare
  • Environmental working.
Who should attend?

Our course is aimed at those who want to gain knowledge and understanding about green roofs.

It's suitable for anyone either already working in, or entering the green roof industry.

It's also very useful for those thinking of having a green roof installed on their property.


What will be covered?

On completion of this training course, you’ll be able to:

  • Appreciate health and safety and legislation
  • Understand background and history of green roofs
  • Identify types of green roofs and applications
  • Understand site and structural considerations
  • Understand the drainage of green roofs
  • Identify tools and equipment
  • Understand the installation processes
  • Understand maintenance and aftercare
  • Appreciate environmental working.
Other areas of interest?

You may be interested in learning more in-depth knowledge about green roofs?

If so, you can attend our training-only course:

  • Green Roofs - Installation and Maintenance 

If you are aged 18+ and wish to become a Green Roof Installer, you will need to develop practical skills as well as knowledge.

There is a 3-step process for becoming a Green Roof Installer: 

  1. Complete 'The Introduction to Installing and Maintaining Green Roofs' (Training and Assessment or Assessment only) to gain your Red Trainee LISS/CSCS card*
  2. Complete 'Green Roofs - Installation and Maintenance' (Training only) to gain the knowledge required for step 3
  3. Complete 'Green Roofs Installer' (Assessment only) to gain your Blue Skilled Worker LISS/CSCS card* stating 'Green Roofs Installer'.

*Land-based Industry Skills Scheme (LISS)/ Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)  






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