Level 2 Award in Animal Transport by Road - Long Journey Attendant

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MCQ Paper AND Observation Paper
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Lantra Awards

Become qualified in transporting animals with our nationally recognised Level 2 qualification

Overview in brief
  • This qualification is based around the movement of farm animals, birds (poultry) and horses
  • It covers transportation on long (over eight-hour) road journeys
  • To transport animals by road, you will need to understand key regulations
  • You must ensure that any animals you transport are properly protected
  • Our course will assess your knowledge of this
  • It will lead to a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification
  • You will be awarded a Level 2 qualification certificate and a Lantra Skills Card.
The finer details
  • Our qualification is for attendants who handle animals on road journeys
  • You'll be assessed in all the regulatory and safety issues
  • The assessment involves two units
  • As a rough guide, your time commitment for these two units would be 38 learning hours
  • You'll need to pass a minimum of one unit specific to your work environment to successfully obtain the overall qualification
  • It will enable you to achieve, or work towards achieving, a national Level 2 qualification
Who should attend?

This qualification has primarily been designed for you if you transport farm animals, horses or birds (domestic fowl, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl, quails, pheasants and partridges) on long road journeys of over 8 hours.

What will be covered?

By the end of the qualification, as a transporter you'll have been assessed on:

  • Fitness for travel
  • Means of transport
  • Use of its facilities
  • Loading unloading and handling
  • Watering and feeding intervals, journey times and rest periods
  • Space allowances and documentation.

If you work in a market and assembly centre you'll have been assessed on:

  • Fitness, handling, and separation.
Other areas of interest?
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  • Level 2 Award in Animal Transport by Road - Long Journey Drive 

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