Mendip Vets Sheep Scanning Course

At a Glance

Delivery Method:
Classroom and practical
1 day

Knowing whether your ewes are pregnant and how many lambs they are carrying is important to reduce twin lamb disease, devise an appropriate feed plan and minimise culling losses. Would you like to practice external transdermal ultrasound scanning for your flock? Look no further as this course is for you! 

Overview in brief

The course starts in classroom with an appreciation on how a transdermal ultrasound scanner works. Then, intense hands-on practice on sheep scanning follows, allowing you to establish the foundations needed for when sheep scanning on your own.

The scanning techniques practiced in our course are based on transdermal ultrasonic assessment of the uterus. You will be taught how to place an external probe onto the skin of the sheep’s abdomen, in order to determine whether the animal is pregnant or not pregnant.

No further assessments or examinations will take place during the course.

The finer details

Our highly experienced instructors will help you understand how to carry out a simple assessment on whether a ewe is pregnant or not.

The organisers' combined experience brings in over 50 years knowledge and images from the UK, Canada, US, New Zealand and Europe.

The course's key fundamentals will cover how sheep ultrasound examinations are carried out in the UK and abroad.

The training day is an intense one, with combination of theory on how the ultrasound works, understanding images. This is then followed-up by extensive practice on sheep.

Finally provided the scanner is battery operated, we would encourage you to bring your own sector scanner with your goggles or screen. Otherwise, we can supply a model for you to practice on the day.

Who should attend?

Farmers, farm workers and farm consultants who wish to learn or improve their understanding on whether sheep are pregnant or not, through external ultrasound assessments.

What will be covered?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the principles and applications of ultrasound scanning
  • Review key performance points of ultrasound applications
  • Operate the scanner
  • Practice ultrasound scanning on farm
  • Understand principles of safe handling of stock
  • Carry out Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Identify single lambs
  • Identify twin lambs
  • Identify triplet lambs
  • Identify quad lambs.
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