NS Academy Equine Bit Fitting

At a Glance

Delivery Method:
7 days

This course gives offers a solid grounding into the art and science of equine bit fitting.

Overview in brief

This course is designed for those with a strong desire to fit bits and bridles, offer informed bitting advice, and who are passionate about improving the performance and well-being of their equine clients.  

The finer details

The NS Academy Equine Bit Fitting Course brings a 21st century, evidence-led approach to the challenge of bit fitting and selection, aligning this area with the modern approaches to other aspects of horse management and training which have been increasingly adopted across the industry in recent years.

Access to the latest research relating to areas such as equine anatomy, materials and the mechanics of bit design will enable qualified bit fitters to advise and educate riders with a level of depth far greater than has traditionally been available.

Use of research tools will provide the necessary insight to evaluate new bit designs and explain their actions and effects on the horse to clients. This course has an online component and three consecutive classroom dates for a total of 7 days.

Who should attend?

Anyone serious about offering a professional bitting service, either as a stand-alone service, or to complement an existing professional service.

What will be covered?
  • Learn about the history of the bit and its evolution over the years
  • Learn about the different materials used for bits and what their pros and cons are
  • Learn how to size a fixed cheek vs. a loose ring bit, study the most common types of bits by cheek and their uses, find out where to check on the legality of bits
  • Explore the equine mouth from the inside out
  • Discover the average dimensions of the mouth and relevant points on the head that are affected by bridlework
  • Find out where the forces from through reins go and where the pressure points in the mouth are based on horse head position, and rider hand position
  • Discover how the bit works inside the mouth and how to measure what is pressing on the horse’s tongue.
  • Discover how pulleys and levers act throughout the bridlework to apply pressure on the poll, then see it in action by taking readings on a live horse, and finally how to adjust the bit based on measurements
  • Learn more about the horse’s head, mouth and teeth from an anatomical perspective and develop an understanding of the implications of bits on the horse
  • Learn about basic dental problems, how to identify them and when to call in the experts
  • Find out how to protect your equine clients from disease by understanding how to use DEFRA approved disinfectants, and what PPE is required to protect yourself
  • Safely perform a mouth inspection
  • Fit a basic bridle by assessing relevant pressure points on the head
  • Identify distinctive features of mouth and facial conformation, assessing and advising on mouth injuries and management
  • Recognising general conformation or well-being issues, which may influence way of going and the contact
  • Assessing fit and condition of existing tack, accurate bit measurement, effects of bit wear or damage on the horse
  • Identify common bitting problems
  • Bitting & Tack Rules – restrictions on bit and tack designs for competitive riders in different disciplines, checking legality of specific products, sources of up to date information
  • Effective record keeping – maintaining accurate records, customer service benefits, importance of records for safety and professional indemnity
  • Recognize how the rider can affect the whole horse through the reins and develop an understanding of how to assess the horse-rider partnership using Synchronicity™
  • Case study/Assessment – fit a horse and make recommendations as a part of the final assessment.
Other areas of interest?
  • Mathematics for Bits and Bitting
  • Fundamentals of Bits and Bitting – Foundation course
  • NS Academy Equine Bit Fitting Course.

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