PSC1 Safe Use and Handling - Rifles

At a Glance

Assessment Type:
Practical assessment/demonstration/assignment
Delivery Method:
Classroom and practical demonstration
Course Prerequisites:

You must be 18 or over in order to register for this course.

Learn the basics of handling a rifle safely and responsibly

Overview in brief

Do you need to use a rifle for your work or are you interested in using one recreationally?

Do you know the safety rules and regulations?

This course will help you learn and progress.

The finer details

This 1-day introductory training course will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to use the rifle confidently and safely.

The course is designed to be run on suitably provisioned estate ranges with a firing range for practical assessment.

It is a very intensive course and can be demanding.

On successful completion, you’ll receive a certificate of competence and Lantra Skills ID card.

Worth noting: You do not need to bring your own rifle, slip or ammunition, as these will be provided on the day.


Who should attend?

Our one-day course in PSC1 Safe Use and Handling- Rifles is suitable for you if you have little or no previous knowledge of using a rifle.

Once you have completed this course you may progress to sporting small bore rifle use, either recreationally or linked to your work role. 

Worth noting: The certificates for Lantra’s rifle courses expire after 5 years.

You  may then wish to refresh this training or progress onto Lantra's PSC2 Use of Sporting Rifle in Agricultural Pest Control course. 


What will be covered?

At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • list common rifle calibres
  • name common rifle parts
  • understand how rifle calibres are named
  • appreciate how a rifle barrel works
  • name the parts of a rifle cartridge
  • describe how a rifle cartridge works
  • explain basic ballistics
  • define the term ‘zero’ relative to rifle use define common certificate restrictions
  • appreciate legislation relating to possessing and carrying a rifle
  • explain the term ‘shooting rights’
  • select appropriate cleaning equipment
  • undertake a routine cleaning procedure
  • appreciate recommended use maintenance
  • demonstrate rifle safety proving procedure
  • demonstrate a basic appreciation of risk assessment in relation to rifle use
  • select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for rifle use
  • follow a safe presentation procedure
  • follow a safe loading procedure
  • adopt safe firing procedures
  • be able to cross common field obstacles
  • carry out safe field carry procedures
  • select suitable storage options for rifles and ammunition
  • select suitable transport options for rifles and ammunition
  • list the benefits of shooting sports to the rural economy
  • explain the importance of appropriate behaviour when shooting
  • appreciate the relevance of the Code of Good Shooting Practice
Other areas of interest?

This course forms part of Lantra's rifle training suite:

  • PSC1 Safe Use and Handling – Rifles
  • PSC2 Use of Sporting Rifle in Agricultural Pest Control
  • PSC3 Night Shooting – Rifles

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