PSC3 Night Shooting - Rifles

At a Glance

Assessment Type:
Practical assessment/demonstration/assignment
Delivery Method:
Classroom and practical demonstration
Course Prerequisites:

You’ll need to be 18 years of age to enrol on this course.

This product is for you if you’ve successfully completed Lantra’s PSC2 Use of Sporting Rifle in Agricultural Pest Control course. 

Improve your rifle skills and use them for pest control by day or night

Overview in brief

If you need to control pests using a rifle, it is essential to do so safely, responsibly and humanely.

This is especially challenging at night, when visibility is much reduced.

This course will teach you how to become as proficient in shooting at night as during the day.

The finer details

This 1-day training course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to use a sporting rifle confidently and safely at night.

This course is very intensive and can be demanding.

You’ll learn about setting up your rifle and ballistics, and the principles of marksmanship and distance ranging.

Safety is paramount: You’ll learn how to safely handle your rifle at night, planning in health and safety considerations, especially when using vehicles.

You’ll also learn how to conduct risk assessments and the importance of keeping records.

There will then be practical assessments on the range, including daytime and night-time shooting.

Once you have successfully completed this course you will receive a certificate of competence for PSC3 Night Shooting- Rifles and a Lantra Skills ID card.

Worth noting: You do not need to bring your own sporting rifle, slip or ammunition, as these will be provided on the day.

Who should attend?

This is an advanced course that is only suitable for those with previous experience of wildlife management using rifles and good all-round rifle awareness.

It’s designed for those with an interest in shoot management, pest control, and farming.

Worth noting: The certificates for Lantra’s rifle courses expire after 5 years.

 If you wish, you may then either refresh this course.


What will be covered?

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • identify and understand the main parts of a rifle, telescopic sight and other equipment used for fox control
  • know what happens when the trigger is pulled and how to maintain a rifle 
  • understand the basics of delivering accurate shots
  • appreciate a practical foundation for safe working practice related to sporting rifle use
  • understand the basic principles of health and safety planning and risk assessment relating to sporting rifle use
  • select and use appropriate vehicles as a shooting platform
  • appreciate a procedure for recording control and management activity relating to the use of a sporting rifle
  • undertake a series of day/night shooting scenarios and assess whether an opportunity is possible and appropriate in terms of good working practice and safety
Other areas of interest?

This course is part of Lantra's rifle training suite:

  • PSC1 Safe Use and Handling – Rifles
  • PSC2 Use of Sporting Rifle in Agricultural Pest Control
  • PSC3 Night Shooting – Rifles

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