Rider Posture Evaluation and Stabilisation Methods (Top Up)

At a Glance

Assessment Type:
Assessed - Practical
Delivery Method:
58 Hours over 2 months
Course Prerequisites:

Existing equine/equestrian professionals or skilled competition riders with competent horse handling skills.

This award has been developed by a Veterinary Physiotherapist and graduate human sports therapist with saddle fitting training to help the rider to become an easier load for the horse to carry, enhancing the quality of their movement and facilitating lightness in equitation. It is accessible to International learners as well as those in the UK.

Overview in brief

Updated with the latest science based innovative Vertical Balanced Riding methods from Sweden, formulated by saddle designer, Maria Hallring and Physiotherapist, Lena Gunnarsson, this important equitation course underpins the work carried out by therapists and saddle fitters.

By identifying and addressing the competent rider’s subtle static rotational asymmetries, performing simple core strength tests on the unmounted rider and suggesting barely perceptible enhancements, rapid improvements to the horse’s way of going can be attained. These improvements help to harmonise the equitation partnership by helping the horse become better balanced when the rider begins to apply a range of simple postural ‘holds’ to better stabilise themselves for basic flatwork. A basic assessment of the saddle for rider fit and suitability will complete the performance enhancement process.

The finer details
This award compliments the Equine Back Strengthening Techniques for Saddle Fitting and Saddle & Bridle Fit Checking short courses in terms of following the theme of addressing the horse, saddle and rider as a combination.


100% Online blended learning. Delivered by a mix of pre-recorded online lectures for each module to view at your own pace and scheduled guided learning webinars. Assessed via film and case report submission.

Who should attend?

Equine therapists, saddle fitters, trainers, coaches, equine behaviourists and competition riders.

What will be covered?
  • Basic human and equine musculoskeletal kinetic anatomy.
  • Basic postural assessment of the unmounted rider.
  • Application of the basics of how to stabilise a competent rider on the moving horses in walk, trot and canter in a riding arena.
Other areas of interest?
Top Up courses for professionals and competition riders:
  • Saddle & Bridle Fit Checking
  • Equine Back & Postural Strengthening Methods for Saddle Fitting
  • Saddle Flocking, Ridden Horse Adjustments and Use of Shims & Pads
Long course awards:
  • Professional Saddle & Bridle Fitting
  • Preparing the Horse Saddle Rider Combination for Performance.