Saddle & Bridle Fit Checking (Top Up)

At a Glance

Delivery Method:
24 hours over 6 weeks.
Course Prerequisites:
Basic working knowledge of horse handling skills and equitation.

This award has been developed by a UK based Veterinary Physiotherapist and graduate human sports therapist with saddle fitting training to help the rider to become an easier load for the horse to carry, enhancing the quality of their movement and facilitating lightness in equitation. It is accessible to international learners as well as those in the UK.

Overview in brief
This is a unique online blended learning opportunity which teaches the very important performance enhancing topic of how to check fit of saddles and bridles either in a professional capacity alongside the learner’s current equine or equitation practice, or as a competition rider and horse owner. Weekly webinars and independent lecture viewing make up the delivery of the course content, with several short video assignments at intervals to provide evidence of competence.
The finer details

This course has been developed by an equine veterinary physiotherapist for equestrian professionals and established competition riders that recognise the importance of addressing the horse, saddle and rider as a combination. The remit of this short course is promotion of balanced, fluent movement in the sport horse or pony through comfort in their saddle and bridle. A series of five 2 hour guided learning online webinars are scheduled over 5 weeks with a further 10 hours of online independent study lectures to complete at the learner’s own pace throughout the course. Additional completion of independent study assignments take place both in a stable yard and an arena setting with horses and their riders then submitted by short video to provide evidence of competence for final certification. 100% online format makes this programme accessible to International learners as well as those based in the UK.

Who should attend?
Equine therapists, trainers, coaches, dealers, experienced and student saddle fitters, behaviourists, established competition riders and horse owners.
What will be covered?

Topics covered are:

• Basic human and equine musculoskeletal kinetic anatomy in equitation.
• The effects of good and poor saddle fit on the horse and rider combination.
• How individual horse structure relates to saddle fit and equitation.
• Evidence-based concepts of biomechanics that apply to saddle and bridle fitting protocol.
• Correct placement of the saddle on the horse.
• Assessment of the quality and condition of individual saddles.
• Optimal tack storage conditions. • Saddle and bridle fit checking intervals for the individual horse, saddle and rider combination.
• Basic video editing for assignment submission in video format.
Other areas of interest?

Top Up awards for professionals and competition riders:

  • Saddle Flocking, Ridden Horse Adjustment and the Use of Shims and Pads.
  • Rider Posture Evaluation and Stabilisation Methods
  • Equine Back & Postural Strengthening Methods for Saddle Fitting

Long award courses:

  • Applied Kinetic Anatomy, Biomechanics and Evaluating Asymmetry of the Horse Saddle & Rider Combination
  • Professional Saddle & Bridle Fitting
  • Preparing the Horse Saddle Rider Combination for Performance

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