Saddle Flocking, Ridden Horse Adjustments and Use of Shims & Pads (Top Up)

At a Glance

Assessment Type:
Practical assessment/demonstration/assignment
Delivery Method:
Classroom and practical
5 days

Wool flocking can also ‘bed down’ in new saddles or those that have had the flocking recently replaced thus requiring remedying by topping up the flocking. Horses can also change shape over time and require shims or pads to balance their saddles and facilitate muscle development that has atrophied.

Overview in brief

Completion of this top up for equestrian professionals, competence assessed, saddle flocking course will provide saddle fitters and equine paraprofessionals with the knowledge required to apply a firm foundation of theory and hands-on techniques to perform a full flocking replacement of saddle panels. Minor flocking adjustments will also be applied to the ridden horse together with appropriate use of temporary shims or pads.

The finer details

Training sessions take place in a workshop and in an arena setting with horses and riders. Accessible to International Learners as well as those based in the UK.

This award compliments the Saddle and Bridle Fit Checking (Top Up) and Rider Posture Evaluation and Stabilisation course.

Who should attend?

Experienced and student saddle fitters. Established Competition riders and trainers that wish to replace flocking in their own saddles.

What will be covered?
  • The effects of good and poor saddle fit on the horse and rider combination.
  • How individual horse structure relates to saddle fit and equitation.
  • Correct placement of the saddle on the horse.
  • Replace the saddle panel contents with wool flocking.
  • Apply a quantity of flocking material to remedy the balance and stability of a range of horse, saddle and rider combinations.
  • Apply shims or pads to optimally balance a saddle.
Other areas of interest?

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